Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Septoplasty Rehab

Now five days post surgery, generally speaking I can say the Septoplasty procedure went well. However, now that I am two days from having the plastic wedge removed from my nose, I will be glad when this is over.

I am not having any complications, but I am uncomfortable during much of the day and night. Vicodine helps a little, but its painful period. This is accompanied with complete blockage with nose-breathing. This also creates an overall breathing-anxiety which would be terrifying if I didn't have medication to manage this."

Also, having this plastic wedge in my nose & sinus causes my entire skull and face to ACHE all day and all night which I am totally sick of.

I've done pretty well with regards to irrigating twice daily, taking my medication and following the post-op directions they gave to me. But, other than playing some piano on my MOTIF_XS, playing games a little on my 360, I've been in bed a lot RESTING. I like that XboxLIVE now has Facebook, twitter, and also Zune brings streaming 1080p video to XboxLIVE. so even though i'm sorta down for maintenancne right now, i am excited about new features for XBL that I can enjoy when I am back on my feet.

Recording is at a halt now and I don't feel well enough to spend the hours needed to finish website construction. I've been told, "Harry, you're well enough to be on Facebook - lol" My official response to that inconsiderate and disrespectful comment is, "fuck you". Consider yourself and your tweaky little family, removed. My life is too short and I don't have time for your stupid jokes not having anything to do with me. Furthermore, you have not even so much as said hello to me since your release from prison. Yet, who was writing you 15 page letters during your incarceration. Enjoy your Shorview, you don't need me.

It is my expectation that in another two weeks, I can begin getting back to recording and streamline the production process better. The MOTIF is serving as a wonderful, "idea machine" and I am also enjoying very much, working with musical "hardware" rather than software. It has been months now since I have used Logic or Cubase. I am enjoying the MOTIF's sequencer and sampling prowness along with the mixing and recording capabilities of the AW4416.

In any case, I'm reading a little, playing Peggle here and there and watching a few of my favorite homocide investigation shows, while I am getting nothing done. But mostly, I am resting and slipping in and out of naps all day and night.

First thing in the morning I usually breeze through some email and spend an hour at PCTech on Paltalk. By that time, I'm back to bed for rest. Now that Facebook, and twitter are on Xbox, I look forward to some of my future postings to be relaxing times as, more and more, I move away from the computers to dedicated equipment.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Website Updates

Still burning the midnite oil updating websites to the new theme. Eight sites to go, and two new sites to come including NASAV_RV and NASAV_Studios.

The PC Help site is active while under construction. A bunch of new stuff to come to this area.

The HappyHarryNET Toolbar is now available on several of my site pages. Many people have asked where the link is to get the toolbar. Sorry for the late update. Navigating and finding things should be much easier now with the new website format and color coded themes. I also think they LQQK great!

If you don't, you probably won't see the new changes to my pages. For your convenience, the HappyHarryNET Toolbar has a built-in browser cache in the "Privacy tab" which makes it easy to clear your cache to see site updates. When web browsing, this is a good habit to get into anyways so you don't miss out on website changes since the last time you were there. And, if you never clear out your browser cache, then when you visit a site, you'll be looking at the cached copy of the site from whatever date it was when you visited the site last.

Get the HappyHarryNET Toolbar
PC | MacOS | Linux • my toolbar is cross-platform and works with all browsers except Chrome.

Music recording is chugging along nicely. Albeit, at a slow pace, but still I am pleased in all respects. No, I am not handing out "audio sneak peeks" of what I am recording. I promised myself, no demos until the release of my album upon completion. However, I will be recording new YouTube music videos with at least ONE coming before Christmas 2009.

For those of you here in the USA, I hope you're settling into Fall and looking forward to the coming holidays with your family and friends. For the rest of you who are not here in the USA, I gather you are already experiencing Winter and soon some of you will be winding into Spring very soon.

For those of you who read my blog, pardon my tardiness. I will try to blog more often. I've been pushing the clock to the max lately leaving barely enough time to sleep.