Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm Back... I Think

Again, time flies. Jee, another glorious picnic basket of morbid headache to enjoy for days on end. This recovery time is when I find myself most cynical.

Amazing how many blog comments I just erased. Mostly spam and dumb-fucks that have less than a thimble full of sperm to talk about. It just rubs me the wrong way. I hear people compliment my blog from time to time, yet NONE of them ever have left a comment.

I think the Internet creates this false sense of celebrity-disesase. For example, I have several websites. Most of them serve a purpose being useful to others. And, although I it is not my goal to become an Internet celebrity, it would be nice if people were not so chickenshit about leaving comments. I mean, Christ, they play FARMVILLE for hours on end on Facebook, but they can't leave a comment on my blog? I don't care where you come from. That's fucking sick.

Oh, did I mention? I have declined to maintain G-rated content. Let the ESRB manage that crap. Maybe they could sleep with the folks over at the RIAA and they could all have an orgy with all of our so-called "representatives" who are members of the CFR, which by the way is not people.friendly so you best avoid them.

What's with the periods between my words? It's the ONLY guaranteed way to keep words together using any text entry field located on the Internet. I've used underscores since CP/M before DOS, but _they cannot be trusted to keep two words together. Same goes for hyphens. Perhaps using Microsoft.Word Ctrl+- (control + hypen) will keep those two words together as long as they remain a Word .DOC file. I think that is where that ends. Women have periods to get through life. I use periods to keep words together. See, we truly are symbiotic!

For those of you who even bother to read my blog anymore, I hope you can appreciate the shear volume of facts that I am representing here.

As for my music. Recording is back in motion. I'm working with Drumcore3 which helps tremendously writing and arranging drum parts. (which I always hear in my head) This is a songwriters dream come true. Or, at least a songwriter who does not have a dedicated drummer who has his kit set up and mic'd ready for recording. Still, I'm ironing out the kinks with my Ibanez.12-string. Get what you pay for would be suitable. And cutaways suck compared to dreadnaughts. Period. (there's that word again)

I've nearly finished what I call "the initial real idea" of NASAV_studios. Spent the first 18.months using inferior reference monitors (sorry KRK) which now is blatantly obvious with the Yamaha's in place. No doubt, I will flush out this system to full 7.1 surround after I decide on 01V or LS9. One is majorly affordable and the other isn't. Will deal with that later.

Anyhow, recording 10 songs is going much slower than I ever anticipated. Still, thanks to having total.recall.hardware makes it all possible. Especially when I factor in these massive headache strikes that pummel me and consume my time.

The cold(er) weather makes life physically hard for me. So what Harry, shut up! Otherwise, life is good. But frankly (whoever Frank is) I've grown tired of hearing, "Life is good". It's like that picture of the cat hanging upside down with the slogan, "Hang In There". It's stupid and it has nothing to do with saving your ass for a nickel!

In closing, the holiday season is upon us once again. Yet, again, I cannot help feeling Scrooge. Public.Reasons won't allow me to open THAT can of worms here, but if I say "fuck it" enough, perhaps in a future blog I shall treat you to these personal details about my life.

Wow! I didn't say "period" again. Now I should enjoy some sex.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Tell Santa What You Want

It's that time of year again.

Hey! Take a minute to rekindle your Christmas spirit and visit http://happyharry.net and click on Tell Santa What You Want.

As many of you know, the ultra elites and international bankers are destroying our economy here and in every country on this planet. The few countries who are not being squeezed out are in chaos by design via our military operations! It's a pretty sad state of affairs.

So, I suggest you tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Afterall, this may be your LAST Christmas as a free person.