Monday, August 20, 2018


Hello and welcome to my blog.

I haven't blogged since the passing of my friend Dan Goodman plus a slew of other funerals. However, I will be blogging on a regular basis now.

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Currently, I am writing and editing lyrics for songs to get them ready for recording. My diesel dually transmission needs replacement. The Lake County fires brought to my attention that my truck could not tow my 19,000 lbs. home up grades greater than 5%. Further, I need to finish up my website designs and get them constructed and published for desktop, tablet and phone.

You can easily contact me any time on my website: AND I am on Twitter:

If you have questions please, always do ask. Matter of fact I will be publishing a new website entitled, "Ask Harry" just for that purpose.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing much more about my life and my musical adventures.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

The 12 Months of Christmas > for Dan Goodman

Dan encouraged me to take my songwriting and recording engineering to the next level. We discussed everything from preamps to ASCAP and we intimately conversed about the 4416’s routing schematic; which I have hard-copy.

The very first time I heard his voice [phone] I really liked him; he was straight forward and calming when he offered suggestions or instructed me. We had several unforgettable phone calls.

For some reason, I thought Dan lived in Southern California. I had never bothered to ask him or even check; after his passing, I was shocked to learn he lived less than 100 miles from me and sailed the same San Francisco Bay that I had 30 years ago > we never discussed sailing.

In 2008, I bought my 4416; so all of these Yahoo4416 guys were already 7 years friends with Dan and the forums before I came onboard. And these Facebook groups didn’t exist yet.

Admittedly, I joined the Yahoo4416 group more than a year before buying my 44; I was still learning 01X and mLAN and I always had my heart set on getting a 4416 ever since I knew Yamaha made them. So Ronny Morris' Yahoo.4416 group was like technical therapy for me. Also a slew of talented, creative guys that continue there and now on Facebook.

In December 2015, as a gift, Dan offered to master one of my songs. I had recorded a Barry Manilow song at the last minute just before Christmas. Dan's critique of my recording was clear. He told me, “…that he added a bit of his TLC to the master bus, but he didn’t touch anything else; he didn’t even remix the stems, telling me, '…your song out of the box was already properly mastered.” During my last phone call with Dan, he reiterated to me, “Harry you mentioned producing other musicians; you should. Because you’re really good at this.” That is the highest compliment anyone has ever given me.

This Christmas, illuminate somebody in your life. They deserve your recognition and to be written about > Merry Christmas, Dan.



Monday, July 27, 2015

Dan Goodman's Memorial

Arriving timely I was greeted by Dan's wife's brother. We spoke for 3-5 minutes and I entered the funeral home and signed the guest book: "HappyHarryNET HHNET (signed) Harry James, Kelseyville, CA". Inside was very nice. His urn was a nice ocean blue. On the left was Dan's photo from 1976 writing next to his piano. To the right was a large wreath of soft white and pink carnations blended with roses matching the soft, light scheme. There was a center LED panel with Dan waving from his sail boat. On the far right was a Spray entitled, "A Fond Farewell" which Wiz and John made happen for all of us in the 4416 community to be in attendance. Then there were these two sailing ships. They looked like they were carved glass. And the sail on one of them was a transparent sapphire blue. And the other sailing boat sail was a soft aqua marine transparent teal. They were the most beautiful things I have seen in many years. Dan's family members accepted me and made me feel a member of their family. It was a wonderful experience and they are wonderful people to surround yourself with. The reception afterward at Dan's home was calm and pleasant with good vibrations abound. Their home is decorated in a very specific and appropriate way with classic and modern flare. From philosophical statements on a wall to pinball machines to Pachinko. A piano sits nearby his massive home theater and 160 degree sofa. And, then there is where Dan works. For privacy reasons all I will say is that I was allowed into his studio and spent 3-5 minutes, "taking it all in".

Dan's family graciously accepted me and took me in. Their eulogy shares brought me closer to Dan; even in some cases it answered questions I had wondered, because Dan was always a dear person to me. In the last year talking with him on the telephone, I grew very close to Dan. Dan offering to master my 2014 Christmas song as a gift was very meaningful and he included me as his peers when he told me my mix didn't need much really. Good, solid mix Harry; you can master yourself and your aspirations to produce other artists will become a reality for you. This is how Dan and I talked to each other. He mentors me graciously, always accurate (I just love that) and yet loose, creative, fun and musical; much as myself. Dan leaves us with bright hope in everything we choose to do.

Harry James

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Changes Coming

Recognizing that changes are coming may be the most important sensitivity a person can know during their life time.

Just sayin'.


Thursday, December 04, 2014

Irons In The Fire

Now that it's my holiday time and dogHOUSE is inactive until after new years I am asserting my efforts to finish constructing the new HHNET websites for 2015 and dedicate more time to recording songs.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Windows 8 Bit Me Again

After a smooth factory recovery of Windows 8, I installed the few apps I use and as usual DISABLE Windows updates and things were smooth sailing.

Then a couple hours later I made adjustments to a secondary Admin login and restarted the PC and suddenly Windows 8 is downloading updates and installing them. After the update and another restart, this 3.4GHz i5 turned into quicksand and had serious context menu wait times and hangups! There was no escape other than to sign.out of the account, but even my Admin account desktop was trashed in the same manner.

So, I absurdly chose to try a System Restore. I chose the Restore point which would put the machine back to where it was at PRIOR to the Windows update. I CAN READ. Windows clearly displayed that to be the case.

The System Restore took 1 hour 5 minutes to complete for 60GB of 2TB HDD. Worse yet, System Restore did NOT reinstate my PC's status prior to the updates. It returned the machine to a new Windows 8 install. None of the software applications I installed, nor Stardock's Start8 or Fences was present. Further, NONE OF MY SETTINGS were saved as System Restore said they would be.

I performed a new Factory Recovery from DVD and was back to square one in LESS time than the System Restore screw up consumed! What a joke. Mac.OSX would never behave like this, nor HAS it ever behaved like this with regards to moving forward or reverse in time with the operating system.

So, for this install of Windows 8, I disabled Windows Update appropriately AND made registry edits to ENSURE that Windows CANNOT turn the damn updates on again!

And all I did was get on the PC to format two SD cards with SDFormatter. Sheesh.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Learning Takes Time

One thing that surely has not been overlooked by me, is the sheer fact that it has taken me over four years to learn how to use the audio equipment that I purchased in order to record music.

Today, getting involved with recording music can cost less than the price of an iPad and about $500 dollars of gear. In fact, you can get started using the iPad's built-in mic. Of course, depending on the acoustics in the room or place you are recording can and will make a difference in the quality of what you are recording. However, there are a myriad of virtual synths that you can play and record directly on the iPad and will deliver stellar audio quality. So, if you're not singing, your music can sound highly polished and most of the iOS apps can share with services such as Soundcloud, YouTube; and of course you can share those to Facebook and other social services if you like. Additionally, it is easy to create your own website and publish your tunes there. I have somewhat lagged in this department for good reason. Soon, I will have a dedicated site just for my artist name of HappyHarryNET and NASAV_studios.

Wearing all the hats [one man job] takes lots of time and "learning".