Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trying Live Writer Again

Well, back in the days of Vista, per se, I gave a whack at Windows Live Writer and my Blogger blog.

At first, I was dazzled by its simplicity and WYSIWYG user interface. But, after attempting to post a handful of blogs I began to experience detail issues with my blog and worse yet, when I would click the button to publish my blog, it would do nothing!

No need for me to say I wasn’t impressed and I quickly returned to using Blogger and what I call, “manually doing my blogs”. May be a tad more work, but it is solid and I can count on the results.

So, here I am again trying Windows Live Writer. But, this time I am using Windows 7. Ah, the glory!

How many operating systems must we live through in order to achieve our daily chores?

Actually, I was looking through a Windows magazine at the grocery store when I stumbled upon an article about a plug-in for Live Writer, called Zemanta. It’s a free download and it enables Live

Writer to analyze and follow your blog writing by offering relevant links, photos and blogs which you can immediately incorporate into your blog. The idea of this sounds amazing. The actual usage of it so far is not my cup of tea.

I think it’s important to add graphic elements to your blog. But, being a blogger myself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing a blog that has no graphics at all. Let’s get this cleared up right away… it’s not a right/wrong thing. But, is a blog with graphics more appealing than a blog without graphics? Yes. But, I blogged for years before I began adding graphics to my blogs. And, when I do post graphics into my blog, they are more than just relevant. I’m not real crazy about the idea of using graphics that sorta-come-close to what I am talking about. To me that is luke-warm at best. And with search engines like Bing, finding SPECIFIC graphics is not difficult at all. Which brings me to my question. Why didn’t Microsoft integrate Bing’s graphical search engine into Live Writer?

Okay, I’m gonna try clickng the publish button.


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