Sunday, January 30, 2011

01X Swap Done

2008 kicked off my project studio with some official workspace. My KODAK digital cam died so after this and another overhead panoramic photo were taken there were no updates which included the near field monitors, a new 37" LED and the addition of the AW4416 which immediately claimed space where the 01X is shown in this photo.

You can see below the 4416 kicking the 01X out of the picture which forced me to relocate the MacBook which got moved to beneath the table where it is out of the way, provides its use in the studio and yet is easy to disconnect and "take with" as a remote notebook. However, now that I have an iPodTouch4G.32, I seldom take the MacBook OR MissToshiba out of the house.

Here the 4416 is shown in its new home with the MacBook still in its old location. The AW4416 provides a nearly unlimited mixing control and channel routing. 24-inputs, 44-channels and anything can be routed anywhere, including the handy 4-OMNI's which I use to connect TRS to 01X. They also talk to each other via S/PDIF and ADAT via the 4416's Y56K.

This arrangement was a bit tricky in its 6ft.x.5ft of space. However, the upside is a powerhouse of sound, DSP, FX, DYNamics and high quality instruments via the MOTIF.XS sampling workstation, which carries its weight without using either of the mixing boards or even turning on the Mac and using Logic. Firewire mLAN onboard the MOTIF makes for shooting discreet tracks to Cubase and Logic a snap.

Things in place finally. Although I am already trained left.handed on 01X, it had to go right because the 4416 just is too wide to hang on the right corner where the door entry way into the RV is located. I am adjusting quickly.

I am enjoying the RODE NT1A LDC mic very much with the VoiceLive2 vocal processor. However, already I will be inserting a TUBE mic.pre to warm things up. For straight digital the RODE is pretty warm, but not enough for my voice. For now I will use my ART.V3 shown below. It's only a $75 tube pre but very versatile for it miniscule price range. Soon I will pick up a Universal Audio Solo 610 to manage warming up any harsh mic levels.

The Art StudioV3 Tube MP is a nice way to go when your on a budget to get some tube warmth into your mix. Whereas I am a solo artist and am not recording anyone other than myself, there is no need for more tube mic.pre's in my studio. Perhaps down the road this will change.

The V3 sounds nice pre-4416 with the 02R-style pre's a bit stronger and warmer than the 01x preamps.

The VoiceLive2 preamp is hot, clean and bit bright. Which works well for harmony backing tracks and a live application. But used as a primary mic.pre it's a bit harsh, so the V3 warms things up just right!

I'm gearing up to purchase 2 electric guitars and a nice TC-Electronic Nova stomp box. It's exciting to get back into "plugged in" and use the acoustic 12's where they belong. The Dean.Boca.12.cherry will be a blast to implement into my album tracks. I am still shopping for my 6.string electric, but I have my eyes on a couple Ibanez models.

Due to complications with song #4, I scrapped it entirely and am starting from scratch. Currently I am 30% album complete.