Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cold Winter Changes

NASAV_studios - December 2011 - in cabin not RV

When I began to type this blog I almost typed, "Cold Water Morning" by Neil.Diamond because that song was playing in my head when I began this blog.

Winter is upon us and the temperatures have dropped. I am living in hot showers to keep my bones from Carbonite Poisoning. Headaches have been enhancing my production schedule. We're not living in the RV motor home now but rather a rental cabin. A little more space, of course more money and a few benefits that I do appreciate. The big picture don't change much for me. I burn rubber when I'm on my feet because I don't know which day will bury me in morbid pain which will consume a week of my life.

Jennie [my ukulele] has been a good friend whom I've enjoyed spending time with. I have become quite accomplished on this instrument in such a short period of time and it is so much fun to play in banjo tuning.

The studio is functional and I love that my design works anywhere in the world. No matter where I take my kit, once I am set up, everything is identical. This makes for great workflow and production.

On another note, I just bought a Nintendo.3DS and I enjoying it during my leisure hours such as in my favorite chair and when lounging around in bed. I plan to SLOT1 the 3DS and I do plan to include everything.3DS on my upcoming and redesigned SLOT1 website. The website is functional now; I just don't list it on my main site. You can access my SLOT1 site below:

Meanwhile, my iPodTouch32 and iOS.5 rocks - very productive platform. MissToshiba is managing the latest and greatest PC games ala Steam and Impulse (GameStop) plus my 200+ Real.Arcade games that I usually install a couple dozen of them. They are great games to play in between the heavy hitters which can simply be overwhelming when you're not in the mood.

I'm still shopping 6.string.electric guitars such as Gibson.Les.Paul, LP.Flood, Carvin and Rickenbacker. I am very pleased with my Dean.Boca.12 electric and the Ibanez.AEL20 acoustic.electric.12 has seasoned a bit and plays real nice now. Drumtracks are still getting designed and arranged ala Drumcore3 as a VST in Mixcraft5 on MissToshiba. Then I LAN them over to the MacBook and into LogicStudio. I've grown to like creating drumtracks in the bedroom where [in my mind] space appears to be clear of chaos and other spacial matters that block creativity and stump productivity.

Now 58 years of age, I am looking into moving out of the United States. But nothing will happen in coming year. I wish to finish my first record album and that time is also needed for logistics and mobility planning anyhow.

It is my sincere wish that each and every one of you enjoy your holidays including Christmas. More importantly, make it a point to spend time with the people you like and love. Do nothing else; and if that means spending time with yourself, that's okay too.

I know that I love me so I understand! >grin<