Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello World

Getting back onto my feet reminds me of coding your first program to display "Hello_World" on the screen.

The weather has warmed up [in the day] to 76F degrees which greatly helps my spine and body (that adores heat and humidity). As for the rest of my idiodic health [as usual] it just runs its course and consumes whatever amount of time it wants to.

So I'm back riding my ToDo_List and expect to complete a slew of projects. Mind you, where I come from, being productive or getting things done is NOT the epitome of life. Living here in the mountains by a lake in our motorhome and doing absolutely nothing can be shear joy to say the least.

Nevertheless, I DO have a lot of irons in the fire and would like to get the majority of my busy_work accomplished before Summer.

On a final note, over the past year I've been banging my head learning XHTML, DHTML, CSS and javascript. It's really cool that I've mastered my challenges. I plan to revamp my older websites and install them into the new shell design which required some tricky business in the coding department. So, after a lot of Google searching, forum reading and studying some research materials in my library here at home, I have figured out how to accomplish what I am wanting to do.

Yay Harry!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Nailed Again - Continuing

Jeeze, this has grown interesting. My todo list is twice as long as it was, and it appears that my spine is winning. It's nice that I can blog from bed using my NintendoDS... tis more than I can say for iPhone users who don't know what blogs are.

Anyhow, I am admidst a sea of spinal agony so not much is getting done. I've completed my purchase lists for the remainder studio gear. The new vocal process won't release until April, so no hurry for that.

Have drafted up replacement websites for both the /pchelp and /slot1 which is changing to /games to accommodate other gaming consoles as well as NintendoDS. Will be nice to finally dump the Fireworks prototypes and their mega-sliced HTML-ism.

For now, guess I will just rest up and get ready to burn rubber the next time I am on my feet.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Nailed Again

Somebody please tell me something that I don't already know!

I'm up to my ears in morbidity. See ya when I get back.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ask Harry

Logic Cubase Sonar DAW digital mixers 01X MOTIF XS recording DAW controllers EuCon mLAN MIDI Firewire ADAT TOSLink S/PDIF "ask me anything"


A Mixture Of Things

Hello and sorry to keep you waiting!

Been extremely busy since my last post. I entitled this blog, "A Mixture Of Things" because the past few days has been just that.

Some travel to the big city to visit and help my uncle who's health is failing and needed assistance with quite a few things. Also, he will be needing to move to another location and will need somebody to do some footwork for him to help find a dwelling to meet his needs.

While we were there, his leg infection became an emergency and we admitted him to the hospital where he is much improved now, but it appears his heart just isn't doing its job and that is causing many of his newer problems.

Meanwhile, I am still ordering toys and equipment for NASAV_studios, along with some cables and wiring. I know I have discussed this many times now, but between wrong parts and change in design, it was necessary to change the type of cables to get the job done. Also, the 30 inch LCD will be moving to the other side of the RV. I previously announced this and due to my own health challenges, the LCD has not been moved yet.

Additionally, I am ordering a new 12_string acoustic electric guitar. I found a nice Ibanez which should prove useful for recordings and live performances.

Still find time to play games on both the Xbox360 and the NintendoDS. The new games rock! All of the new games coming are fantastic, engrossing and fun to play!

In web news, I finally got over my DHTML, CSS and javascript hurdle. I am so jazzed that I got my head wrapped around this so I can now begin to apply this technology to my new designs and websites. Talk about happy times.

Although I do have a /pchelp website up and running, that website is going to get ANOTHER facelift with MANY changes, including no content omissions.

Believe it or not, the PC Help Videos website is going to get a facelift and a bevy of new videos added to the site, along with older videos getting updated. HappyHarryNET PC_Help_Videos will continue to participate as a major contender in the PC Help arena!

For those of you who are into socnets (social networks) such as MySpace, facebook, and Twitter and want to stay in the loop with what's going on in the world of HHNET, it would be my suggestion to join facebook, Twitter or subscribe (RSS) to my blog and use the Flock web browser which makes it really easy to manage all of your socnet activities. And, Flock is a really good browser!

Thanks again for listening. There's much more to come!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Nailed Again - Familiar Territory

Today I wokeup with a vicious headache. This was around 9:45 am. I slept well as usual and upon my first awakening I noticed improvement in my L5 and tailbone, meaning less pain.

Trying to get onto my feet was another thing. This was one of those blinding screaming headaches with the morbidity of death. I medicated and immediately began a skull massage using my infrared massage unit. I must have passed out for I don't remember anything after that.

Then I woke up again. Headache was down to a dull roar. Phone ringing. Some idiot telling me my car warranty is about to expire so when I asked them about it, of course, they did not have access to those records. Now I'm awake and realize that in the middle of this headache I'm dealing with the first telemarketing call to hit my new phone number.

Now to begin my day. Looking over my notes from yesterday I am reacquainted with my excitement about Q-Mic product line which I will be ordering. But, for now, I am going to take this day slowly and not dive into any projects.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nailed Again - But Still Hammering

Well, nothing new to me. It's challenging sorting out which excercises don't irritate my spine, especially L5 and my tailbone. Toss in a few headaches and poof, there goes a week reaL easy!

Anyhow, during a recent trip into the city I took measurements of the iMac24 so I can simulate it here in the studio area. The 30 inch LCD will also be mounted above the Mac so I needed to know clearances between the two monitors.

I've decided to try out a pair of monitors that will be useful with the PC/Mac and then I can proceed with ordering the new TC-Helicon VoiceLive_2 and get started with that. Reference monitors are MORE important for MIXING than actually playing the instruments per se, so by the time I have maybe 2 to 3 songs recorded I can order the Yamaha monitors and subwoofer.

Well, its good to be back on feet. I was wiped out with Dramamine last nite, jeeez, I could easily overdose on that crap. I'm not traveling well these days, whether I drive or not. Getting equilibrium issues again real bad, so back to the neurobrain people to see what's going on. Perhaps it's scan-time again, hopefully no negative changes there.

Meanwhile, I got a couple web projects to finish up and then it will be time to totally rip up HappyHarryNET and give it a facelift while widening the web space area to accommodate some of the new pages and upcoming content.

For now I am going to keep all YouTube content (including music) on my Hornstrum account so to get there it's pretty easy  I will put a logo-link on my site today, a few people have asked me about that.

And for those of you who have asked me here for it, I WILL be creating an "Ask Harry" section on my website so you can ask questions or make comments. Then I will publish your questions and my responses on a dedicated "Ask Harry Blog" so look for that soon.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peggle - Finally Here!

Wow! Peggle is a fun game. I first went goofy over this game when PopCap made it for RealArcade. Ever since then I dreamed of it for both NintendoDS and Xbox360.

I've already been playing the Peggle Dual Shot on DS, tonite I just bought the 360 version of the game which is better in a few different ways, including more colors!

One interesting note of trivia. When I was exiting the game back to the dashboard, there was one sound effect linked to pressing the "A" button which was the "infamous Windows asterisk sound" used for dialogue boxes and when you click on the volume control slider in the system tray ;;heh;;

Anyhow... Peggle is on my 2 favorite gaming consoles and that's all that matters!


Working Out Is Working

Tomorrow marks three weeks since I began my workout routine. It's going very well. Currently, my program runs 90 minutes. 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength training, with the remaining time spent swimming, sauna and hydrotherapy.

Still, I miss the "range of motion" that only the Total_Gym can provide and plan to purchase another one very soon. The Total_Gym [as seen on TV with Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley] is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment which will give you immediate results. In the past, I have even taken my Total_Gym with me on commercial aircraft when I am visiting away from home, simply because I prefer to use it rather than typical gym equipment.

Friday marks the beginning of 40 minutes cardio and doubling my reps with weights. My swimming time will increase as my back and spine become stronger, and I look forward to swimming this spring and summer here at the resort where we live.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

TC-Helicon Voice Live 2 and 1

The VoiceLive_2 is an impressive "stomp-box" vocal processor. Being a user of the 1stGen VoiceLive unit, I was immediately engrossed with the QUALITY of the new VL2 unit. It now possesses all of the vocal processing effects of their rack units as well as now providing 8 harmonies live.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to use the VoiceLive_1 shown above. It's a quiet, quality unit that can also serve as a quality mic preamp for pres that are short on gain or the ones that get noisy when you crank them up.


Nailed Again

Well jee, another insideous headache. I thought I might get the 30inch LCD moved today. Perhaps later, i'm checkin' out.


Friday, March 06, 2009

25 Things About HappyHarryNET

01. People who get to know me will learn that I am passionate about everything that I do.

02. I disagree with most "green technologies" that are offered to the public as environmental heroes.

03. Slogans amuse me. My favorite is, "If should's and but's were candies and nuts, it would be Christmas everyday".

04. Music is my first love. That is, writing, singing and playing guitar, piano & banjo with the xylophone being one of my favorite orchestral percussive instruments.

05. The Flock browser is a ingenius method to stay, "in the loop" with all of your social nets.

06. The finest historian of our century is Eustace Mullins who was embued by Ezra Pound.

07. I find most things funny, and if it's not funny, then I think of something funny

08. Although I wanted my own biological children, I have none. And I have many wonderful step-dots.

09. I enjoy learning new things by video tutorials, to the point I created many of my own that are on my PC Help Videos website.

10. Distractive therapies are tools that I use to detour chronic pain from controlling my time.

11. Had I never been hit by a car, I never would have taught myself to be as good as I am.

12. Girls ;;sigh;; Ahhh yes! Thank heaven for little girls ;;smiLe;;

13. Since its inception, I have truly loved computer software.

14. One of my favorite outdoor activities is spending time with, "the ducks".

15. My favorite indoor activity is living full time in our motorhome where I do everything indoors.

16. It's a shame that cellphone "texting" has replaced, "the first date".

17. I am NOT a phone-bug. However, feel free to call me anytime after 9 PM PST or weekends ;;grin;;

18. Don't expect me to come visit you. Metro-hysteria is NOT something I embrace.

19. Humid climates such as FLorida are heaven to my body and its thermostat.

20. Q: Why did the turtle cross the road? A: To get to the Shell station.

21. I am absolutely strict with regards to respecting other people's property.

22. In the year 2001, my doctors quoted me 15 years of life to end 8 years from now.

23. My favorite pizza is anchovie, pepperoni and cheese, thin crust.

24. I love cold nonfat or 1 percent milk in a frozen glass. The temperature is 38 degrees Farenheit.

25. Have a cow! Take a frozen 16 ounce glass, fill half with milk, top off with rootbeer.


I've Become A Flock-er

Finally got around to spending time to try using the Flock browser. First of all, let me begin by saying installing and "getting up to speed" using this browser, IS A SNAP! Additionally, this is a full featured browser than runs at a rabbit's pace and manages every conceivable online activity you can muster up and throw at it.

The Flock browser integrates all social networking features into your browser. I REALLY like this! At a glance, I can see the status of all my webmail accounts, Twitter, Facebook, 2_MySpace accounts, myBlog and RSS feeds. IF you are a member of any of the following, you NEED to be using the Flock browser!

+ digg
+ Facebook
+ Flickr
+ MySpace
+ Twitter
+ YouTube

+ Photobucket
+ Picasa
+ TinyPic

+ Blogger
+ Blogsome
+ LiveJournal
+ Typepad
+ Xanga
+ Self-Hosted Blog

+ Delicious
+ Magnolia

+ AOL Mail
+ GmaiL
+ Yahoo! MaiL

For information and tutorial, visit

P.S. Kudos to Microblitz ^5

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shifting Studio Around

Well jee, time flies when you're having headaches and fun ;;heh;;

In order to accommodate all the fun stuff that I am wanting to do in the forward cab of our motorhome, it was imperative to redesign space considerations.

Had I continued on the original design course, I would have lost use of the 30" inch LCD for home theater and Xbox360. That's not an option.

The solution was to stick with iMac24 for studio center piece and move the 30 inch LCD from this side's overhead and mount it overhead, "on the other side". Run extended component video cables and Ethernet over to studio table. This eliminates having to move the home theater subwoofer, rewiring the optical 7.1 surround. Also, this enables Xbox360 to the 30 inch LCD, the home theater for movies and streaming Netflix and AppleTV. Yay! No spacial conflicts! Keep in mind, we're talking 8 feet of very square space, here in the forward cabin of NASAV.

I'm looking forward to Yamaha 01x, Cubase and Logic on Mac OSX very SQQN !!

Once this nonsense is complete, I will publish pics and video. Still designing NASAV_studios website on yellow legal pad, so will be awhile before THAT site is hot.