Saturday, December 05, 2009

Recording Music

Enjoying Logic Studio 9. It's a wonderful package with so many musically useful tools. For myself, I am old-school. I tend to design, compose and record music in a linear fashion. Using the Yamaha MOTIF_XS and DAW software like Logic and Cubase, has given me incentives to stretch my musical legs and try some new things.

Still, when working vocal tracks I find it more useful to use a dedicated mixer/recorder, such as the AW4416 to record, mix and embellish, utilizing the Y56K sonic power. It's easy to transfer the tracks over to the Mac and import into Logic. On the flipside, Logic is certainly capable of these identical operations, however for me, it FEELS better to do it on the 4416 console. Plus automix is out-of-this-world totally awesome!

In any case, I'm not sure how often I am going to update my blog from now to summer 2010. My current goal is to record an entire album of songs. And I anticipate this consuming twenty (20) months of my time OR more! So I will not be providing weekly updates, nor will I be handing out demo-snippets of my new songs. You'll have to wait until the album is complete.

The holidays are coming in twenty days, so I will take this time to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and happy new year.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Septoplasty Rehab

Now five days post surgery, generally speaking I can say the Septoplasty procedure went well. However, now that I am two days from having the plastic wedge removed from my nose, I will be glad when this is over.

I am not having any complications, but I am uncomfortable during much of the day and night. Vicodine helps a little, but its painful period. This is accompanied with complete blockage with nose-breathing. This also creates an overall breathing-anxiety which would be terrifying if I didn't have medication to manage this."

Also, having this plastic wedge in my nose & sinus causes my entire skull and face to ACHE all day and all night which I am totally sick of.

I've done pretty well with regards to irrigating twice daily, taking my medication and following the post-op directions they gave to me. But, other than playing some piano on my MOTIF_XS, playing games a little on my 360, I've been in bed a lot RESTING. I like that XboxLIVE now has Facebook, twitter, and also Zune brings streaming 1080p video to XboxLIVE. so even though i'm sorta down for maintenancne right now, i am excited about new features for XBL that I can enjoy when I am back on my feet.

Recording is at a halt now and I don't feel well enough to spend the hours needed to finish website construction. I've been told, "Harry, you're well enough to be on Facebook - lol" My official response to that inconsiderate and disrespectful comment is, "fuck you". Consider yourself and your tweaky little family, removed. My life is too short and I don't have time for your stupid jokes not having anything to do with me. Furthermore, you have not even so much as said hello to me since your release from prison. Yet, who was writing you 15 page letters during your incarceration. Enjoy your Shorview, you don't need me.

It is my expectation that in another two weeks, I can begin getting back to recording and streamline the production process better. The MOTIF is serving as a wonderful, "idea machine" and I am also enjoying very much, working with musical "hardware" rather than software. It has been months now since I have used Logic or Cubase. I am enjoying the MOTIF's sequencer and sampling prowness along with the mixing and recording capabilities of the AW4416.

In any case, I'm reading a little, playing Peggle here and there and watching a few of my favorite homocide investigation shows, while I am getting nothing done. But mostly, I am resting and slipping in and out of naps all day and night.

First thing in the morning I usually breeze through some email and spend an hour at PCTech on Paltalk. By that time, I'm back to bed for rest. Now that Facebook, and twitter are on Xbox, I look forward to some of my future postings to be relaxing times as, more and more, I move away from the computers to dedicated equipment.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Website Updates

Still burning the midnite oil updating websites to the new theme. Eight sites to go, and two new sites to come including NASAV_RV and NASAV_Studios.

The PC Help site is active while under construction. A bunch of new stuff to come to this area.

The HappyHarryNET Toolbar is now available on several of my site pages. Many people have asked where the link is to get the toolbar. Sorry for the late update. Navigating and finding things should be much easier now with the new website format and color coded themes. I also think they LQQK great!

If you don't, you probably won't see the new changes to my pages. For your convenience, the HappyHarryNET Toolbar has a built-in browser cache in the "Privacy tab" which makes it easy to clear your cache to see site updates. When web browsing, this is a good habit to get into anyways so you don't miss out on website changes since the last time you were there. And, if you never clear out your browser cache, then when you visit a site, you'll be looking at the cached copy of the site from whatever date it was when you visited the site last.

Get the HappyHarryNET Toolbar
PC | MacOS | Linux • my toolbar is cross-platform and works with all browsers except Chrome.

Music recording is chugging along nicely. Albeit, at a slow pace, but still I am pleased in all respects. No, I am not handing out "audio sneak peeks" of what I am recording. I promised myself, no demos until the release of my album upon completion. However, I will be recording new YouTube music videos with at least ONE coming before Christmas 2009.

For those of you here in the USA, I hope you're settling into Fall and looking forward to the coming holidays with your family and friends. For the rest of you who are not here in the USA, I gather you are already experiencing Winter and soon some of you will be winding into Spring very soon.

For those of you who read my blog, pardon my tardiness. I will try to blog more often. I've been pushing the clock to the max lately leaving barely enough time to sleep.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Metro-Hysteria Stress

Finally back home after another trip into metro-hysteria. Our automobile required warranty repairs that were to consume the better part of Thursday.

Well things went sour pretty fast. The Ford dealer did not suggest a rental car, knowing they could not make the repairs in one day. The following day, the dealer called early in the morning, attempting to embezzle additional money from us when our purchased warranty clearly covered the work that was needed. Do yourself a favor and hire an attorney on retainer before you purchase health insurance!

Yes, our car got repaired. However, had we not paid the additional $480 hundred dollars [which began at nearly $600 dollars and I bartered them down to $480] the car would be 1)improperly repaired which affects the next time the vehicle is brought in for service regarding those same parts, meaning the warranty will not cover parts or labor, and 2)they would not release our vehicle back to us!

This reminds me of our criminal justice system where the district attorney offers a plea bargain which 90% of all accused accept, whether they are innocent or guilty, because if they don't the fines and time in jail/prison are so great, even an innocent person will take the plea. And they do. Go research THAT yourself.

Kathy and I are very glad to be back home. Besides the metro-hysteria, we're also recovering from second-hand cigarette smoke that we suffered amidst this obnoxious and insideous so-called adventure into the city. I'm still coughing and we're pretty wiped out.

Once I get my VA matters squared away, we'll be looking into getting 1000 miles further out after the holidays.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music Collaborating

One of the music forums that I frequent is having a collaboration. About a week ago I was sent secret instructions to construct a [bridge] in A minor, 120 BPM, modern rock. My instrument tracks are to be drums, bass and guitar.

Meanwhile, I am in limbo for my workstation is packed and ready for a swap with Yamaha, so I began constructing my arrangement using the QY-100 which is perfect for "in a pinch" situations like these when you don't have your regular gear to work with.

I have created the drum and bass tracks and have recorded them into the 4416 recording console and have applied EQ and L1 Limiter to liven up the mix. I will record acoustic-electric 12-string guitar as track 4 and remix. When done, I will burn a WAV file to CD-R and also upload the file to my FTP for the forum admin to download and import into their mix.

I can honestly say that spending my time involved with music is very rewarding.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Nailed Again - Very Busy

Funny thing... I was just talking about this in PCTech last night, early this morning. I mean, about getting nailed and losing time.

Since purchasing the new recording console, I've been very distracted using it. It is really nice having serious audio processing power HARDWARE. Admittedly, I have not used 01x and Logic on the Mac since the AW4416 and Y56K arrived.

In any case, today I have been up 3 times already. Barely enough to take medication and I'm bailing out again. Had plans of course, but scrap that.

Lots of websites to finish and new ones to make. And, a whole album of songs to record. But, it ain't happening today. I shall succumb to the pain of getting nailed and [as usual] I shall see you on the flip side when this is all over.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kelseyville Pear Festival 2009

Saturday, September 26th, Kathy and myself met my good friends of 30 years, at the Kelseyville Pear Festival. A small town of less than 5,000 friendly, fun, people.

The weather was sunny and hot. The people and the live music was wonderful. And the ice cold pear-margaritas were absolutely delicious! We experienced the last few hours of the festival and then we mosied about four miles down the road to an excellent fine italian/french restaurant with live music. The seafood was out of this world and we truly enjoyed ourselves up until the the "check" arrived. LOL

Charlie and Carole are fun friends to have. Kathy and I majorly enjoyed their visiting us and our home. We are looking forward to socializing at their home after my next appointment at the SF VA hospital which is reasonably near their home.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NASAV_studios - New Additions

Welcome home AW4416 - I've been waiting for you!

Well! It comes with no surprise to me, that I finally purchased a Yamaha AW4416. Along side my 01X this is a major plus, especially using its "automix" function. The basic design of the AW is a 24-input mixer, feeding a 16-track hard disk recorder, followed by a 16-channel monitoring mixer, all feeding a stereo bus. But, there's more. Besides it's on board studio-class DSP and FX processors, the 4416 has 2 I/O slots which can be fitted with 4-XLR, 8-TRS, 8-channel ADAT and Waves_Y56K.

The Waves Y56K shown above is one of the aforementioned I/O upgrades that I purchased for my 4416. This is serious FX processing power both for world-class effects and studio mastering.

The Y56K utilizes two 120 MHz 56300 DSPs providing up to 2 billion DSP operations per second! The card supports 20 L1 processes and up to 8 chains of effects. Y56K also supplies 8-channels of ADAT lightpipe I/O which can be utilized for transfering WAV files directly to any ADAT-equipped computer. The Waves Y56K world-famous effects include:

+ Renaissance Compressor and EQ

+ TrueVerb reverb

+ L1 Ultramaximizer

+ SuperTap delay and DeEsser

These processors are all available in addition to the AW4416's on board DSP which utilize 48-bit internal precision on a 24-bit I/O. What does this mean? It means the quality is astounding! This is the identical DSP hardware that has been used in recording studios worldwide. Waves has become so popular, it has integrated into ProTools TDM and also sold as standalone plugins for PC and Mac DAW's. But, wait there's more! The Y56K also has a 9-pin serial port. There are 3 additional plugin effects which can be downloaded and transferred into the Y56K using a USB-to-9-pin serial transfer cable. The Y56K also supports snapshot automation, meaning the DSP and FX settings are all "total recall" just like my 01X automated mixer. Meaning, after hours of making adjustments and getting things right, if I get a headache and lose a week, I can return to the studio and presto! everything instantly returns to exactly where I left off! This is wonderful!

Hot dang! This is VERY exciting!


Saturday, September 05, 2009

NASAV_studios - Great New Stuff

Hello! I always prefer to include a photo or graphics. It makes for a much more interesting blog, it looks better and I would like to believe the people who take the time to check out my blogs enjoy them more because of the photos.

Anyhow, I was using and searching for an 01X shot and low and behold, here is MY own photo that I posted to a blog quite some time ago. It's a great shot and I decided to kick off this blog with it. Five years ago I dreamed and drew on paper, the idea of having a recording studio in a motor home. And I also wanted to record with Yamaha 01X, Logic and on a Mac. It is absolutely delightful that those plans came to fruition. Using Logic 9 on Mac with the 01X is pure bliss. There is lots of learning, so I will be purchasing some additional video help to keep the recording pace moving.

As with any plans in life, there can be delays. In my case, the delay has been with some key items. It's Sepetember and I am just now ordering my vocal processor, an Ibanez AEL2012 acoustic electric 12-string guitar and case, a ART V3 tube mic pre-amp and a pair of KRK near-fields to survive on until I can decide what I really want to mix and master through.

Now that Logic Studio 9 is up and running on my Mac, music and recording has already become a ton of fun. As I complete my initial studio purchases I continue to iron out various niggles and kinks that arise in any project studio, especially in the beginning days. But, overall I am very pleased with the pro gear that I have bought and how these devices are performing for me.

Currently, I am having a blast with this free AU plug called DrumCore_3. It's an amazing tool to assemble high-quality drum tracks that don't sound like your typical loops. For one they sample everything at 48KHz, 24-bit so everything has lots of punch and dynamics. Then they stylize the drumkits to match legendary drummers! This is not only very fun to use, but the shear quality of this system is wonderful.

Using MOTIF_XS and its arppegios and built-in samples can render some very dynamic drum tracks, and I do use them. But for my songwriting purposes, I am already finding DrumCore_3 to surpass using my XS at all for drum tracks. Actually, I am grateful for returning to Reaper's forum to check up on the Mac version, when I stumbled upon a user writing about DrumCore3 and he posted an .mp3 he recorded. I was impressed and immediately headed to Submersible's website.

In closing, I am very jazzed to be buying a new 12-string guitar. I miss playing guitar very much and look forward to getting up to speed quickly so that I can begin recording my guitar tracks and getting some live video to my listeners.


Monday, August 24, 2009

NEW! HappyHarryNET Toolbar

Having my own toolbar has interested me for years, and now I have one! The HappyHarryNET toolbar is useful, fun and feature-rich! Having PC problems? Look no further. You are 2-mouse clicks away from PC help videos, pick-of-the-litter software programs and even fun-filled online games!

I am very particular about toolbars because most of them are bloatware and riddled with adware, or worse yet, you must remove them using HijackThis. My toolbar installs in seconds, does not irritate your operating system, and contains no spyware. You can also look forward to my toolbar updates that I am constantly designing to make your toolbar experience pleasurable!

My toolbar offers easy access to PCTech’s entire website, including newsletters from 2007, 2008 and 2009. These newsletters alone provide a bevy of PC knowledge and links to great stuff including software programs, food recipes and jokes! With your participation, PCTech newsletters can be alive again. Of course, my toolbar provides access to all HappyHarryNET websites as well. And malware cleanup tools are just one click away, so there's no need to run around the net or Google for solutions.

Below is a graphic banner I will place on my website to access installing my toolbar. HappyHarryNET is still under construction undergoing upgrades including a new theme and improved CSS for faster page loading.

As you can see above, it is very easy to tell other users about my toolbar. You simply say, “Happy, Harry, dot, net, slash, toolbar”. Can't remember? - "visit a website with REAL content"

Remember, my toolbar is a community toolbar. This means, it is YOUR toolbar. If there's something you would like to see in your toolbar, let me know. I am very accessible. Visit my website and click on CONTACT ME.

You can also reach me using:

+ Yahoo! email
+ Yahoo! Messenger
+ Paltalk Messenger
+ Windows Live Messenger
+ AOL Instant Messenger
+ Facebook
+ Twitter
+ YouTube
+ HappyHarryNET Forums

Wishing you a wonderful remaining summer!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Website Overhauls

Finally got my home page re-themed and posted. The idea was to create additional space within the confines of my rounded-rectangle.

Also, I finally settled with a background color that I feel enhances both the black slate and the new custom yellow border.

Additionally, when I began using Fireworks I didn’t know how to center the website when there were Flash objects involved, so I kept things safe and adhered to flush left for the sites. It’s nice to be centered and have some scaling ability for both Mozilla and IE browsers. The CSS is optimized and pages should load faster. But right now, my main site URL is the only optimized page.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Recording Status

The table that I chose to use in the studio is made of a soft plastic material. It looks great and is very easy to clean. But, the first problem that arose was the microphone boom mount soon became loose, to the point I had to remove the mount altogether. So, whereas I am not a carpenter, I need to get a power saw and cut some small custom pieces of wood which I can bolt underneath and atop the table surface. This will provide a stable foundation to screw an additional mount that came with the microphone boom.

Meanwhile, it will be mid-August before I order the new vocal processor and 12-string guitar. For you shoppers these two items are: Voice Live 2 and Ibanez 2012. I have grown tired of hearing my own story. This is the part of my studio and recording plans which frustrate me the most, because everything has come to a screeching halt. Sure, I enjoy playing and practicing piano and continue learning how to use the MOTIF_XS, 01X mixer and LogicPro8 which will soon be replaced with LogicStudio_9. But, I am working on song number 1 and we're at the stage of recording vocals. Lots of vocals.

If you’re asking what is a vocal processor, or why do I need one?
The answer is simple. I am a one man show, and although many times when recording I will record my own vocal harmonies manually [that means that I will sing them myself] I have other musical ideas where having a quality harmonizer provides a bevy of ideas for vocal performances. This vocal processor has a MSRP of $1000 dollars so it comes as no surprise to have jaw-dropping vocal sounds, access to 6 effects blocks, USB connectivity for updates and programmability, harmony control via guitar, MIDI or MP3, up to 8 vocal harmonies or 4 doubled harmonies, separate doubling and harmony blocks, reverb, tap delay, uMod, T-Pain effect, megaphone, distortion, tone and pitch controls, plus the guitar effects block are totally separate from the microphone and harmonies. One of the features I really like is the onboard, computerized audio engineer. Adaptive EQ, gate, compression, de-esser, and digital microphone gain can all be applied to a microphone input with the touch of a button. Although I have learned how to apply EQ and compression using the onboard DSP in my 01X mixing console, it is a luxury to have such automated audio engineering to accompany my musical performances.

What does this mean at the end of the day? I can focus on my music and my singing, without the tedium of getting the microphone, “just right”. To add frosting to the cake, anytime I take my rig and play publicly, I take both my signature studio sounds and audio engineer with me. When I arrive at a new gig location, simply tap one button and the computer analyzes every aspect of the input channel and applies all of the necessary EQ, compression, de-essing, etc., without the usual need to manually set that up, or recall a previous setting that [still] is not correct for the current acoustics. This is a very nice vocal processor and I am very excited about it.

Does Working Hard Ring A Bell?

Recently, I heard a young person remark that they were tired of life, money and the opposite sex. They also stated the infamous phrase, “the best things in life don't come easy.” The truth being, many good things in life DO come easy once you understand some of the laws of nature. Still, being human beings, we can become stuck, feeling trapped, and wondering when are we going to get a break? When will our happiness be delivered?

I can personally attest to and give testimony that life challenges rarely cease until we have worked very hard to win the day. My life is riddled with a myriad of chronic pains, screaming headaches and baffling miseries, yet there is great satisfaction from working hard to overcome both my clinical hardships as well as to achieve victory accomplishing my goals. I find myself amidst these challenges in my dream to record an album of music. It takes hard work, very hard work, and steadfast focus to remain on track, to achieve the plan.

So when does this one-armed-bandit called Life pay back? When do you get that break? Where is the rainbow of happiness?

Perhaps, when something greater than yourself stirs your inner curiosity [and that alone] will motivate you so much, that getting sleep will then be your new challenge. In your passion about whatever it is that fascinates you, there is great happiness.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Music On Hold And Very Busy

Taking my dream of constructing a home recording studio and having those plans come to fruition have been nothing less than stellar. And on July 8, 2009 I began recording album song # 1. Whereas I wrote this song nearly 30 years ago, I chose to record this song in a linear fashion. So, it wasn’t long before it came time to record many vocal tracks which were planned to be appropriately processed through a high quality vocal processor. Unfortunately, there were delays in late June, including the purchase of the new vocal processor which led to my halting recording altogether. The plan was to begin recording this first song after I had purchased a new 12-string acoustic electric guitar and the vocal processor, but the timing didn’t flow as nicely as I had hoped. In any case, the framework for the song is recorded and I am now at the point where until these vocal tracks get recorded I am not prepared to continue. When I began recording, I promised myself that I would not get scattered and that I would maintain my focus on just the one song I am currently recording. Of course, I still play the MOTIF_XS for enjoyment and work on small projects using its built-in sequencer and mixing power.

As for busy. Well jee. I am actively updating and constructing replacement websites for all of my current sites. Many of these sites and pages are ten years old and are needing complete surgery to get ripped from their roots and placed into the new design shell and theme. Along the way, I had to learn a couple new web tricks and implementing them at first was not as easy as I had first imagined. But, designing on paper first always has its niggles by the time you get to actually coding it. And, although Web 2.0 helps, there are still browser-specific anomalies to contend with. All in all, this project is coming along nicely, but it keeps me very busy to the point where I have needed to all but eliminate my Xbox360 gaming time.

While breaking from web work, I have been spending time visiting my old stomping grounds at PCTech on Paltalk Messenger. I was recently invited back to be admin which I accepted. It was my feeling that “the kids” [that’s what I call the group] would enjoy having my personality and expertise, back in the room. I chose to burn a solid 32 hours rejoining the room and enjoy both old and new friends. However, my focus is not to manage assisting PC problems. I would much rather concentrate on  improving room morale with attitude adjustments and room entertainment. Already, there are enough admins to help fix PC problems. So, I felt my participating in a vocational capacity would be more beneficial to everyone than my simply dispensing help in a robotic fashion. Look forward to seeing you there.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

MOTIF_XS OS 1.5.1 Tests Complete

Some MOTIF_XS users have expressed a reluctance to install the latest version 1.5.1 OS firmware. after exhaustive testing [which included many system resets] my issues appear to have vanished. I am sorry that i have not reported back sooner to make this announcement. I am a disabled brain-injury survivor and my health eats up more of my time that I get to spend online or with my MOTIF_XS.

If you have not installed OS 1.5.1 because of something that I previously stated about it, accept my apology. what may be true for me may not be true for you. There isn’t any problem with OS 1.5.1 firmware.

If you have not already done so, take the time to upgrade to OS 1.5.1 and enjoy its new features. Be sure to always read the README text which clearly publishes all OS changes. Also, prior to installing/upgrading/downgrading firmware, always backup your data to USB DEVICE and after you perform a firmware update always perform a factory reset.

NOTE: When you experience a problem with your XS [beyond resolving it here] by all means exercise your factory warranty and take your synth to a Yamaha service center.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Many Challenges, Many Themes

Let's begin with themes. The Apple logo symbolizes simplicity and health. Remember the slogan, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?" Perhaps you don't, that was a long time ago. But, nevertheless it is true. Five years ago I planned to record music using a Mac-based system. Once that I became acquainted with Yamaha_01x, then I immediately had dreams of LogicStudio because 01x is hardwired to work with Logic, and it does. I've had other recording rigs in my life, but nothing as substantial as what I am playing with now. And, I am glad that I have quality hearing. Because many days [and nights] I am producing high-quality crap. Engineering your songwriting skills whether it be using a large diaphragm condenser (LDC) microphone or dialing in the correct type of digital signal processing (DSP)and adjusting its parameters to correct or improve upon your original signal [is, in itself] a major undertaking. Some days it appears that I get lucky and I am right in the groove. Other times, it is obvious that I am a newbie recording engineer and have much to learn. All in all, I am very pleased with the Apple MacBook in my recording rig.

Since taking extra time in deciding upon which near-field reference monitors that I would purchase, added an additional month delay to installing these and performing the initial audio tests to determine how much acoustic treatment and soundproofing will be necessary. Luckily, the general area here is fairly dampened. The ceiling will need some damping and I will need to dampen some of the lower wood panels to deflect the subwoofer from rattling 25 year old wood. Additionally, I need to purchase some wood-working tools to create parts needed to mount a heavy-duty scissor-boom mic stand to the studio table. The original mount failed the test of time. Other than that, I am excited to play the new 12-string once it arrives. I hope it does not require too much setup. So, July is looking like an improved month for music with the month of August being an official production-mode period of time.

Thus far the Yamaha MOTIF_XS is carrying its weight as my main multi-timbral keyboard synthesizer. Also, there are some voices in my Korg_i3 that I plan to use when recording specific songs, and the i3 has some really nice MIDI rhythms that I will probably use right out of the box. The MOTIF_XS has an awesome vocoder built-in and I am trying it both in live setups as well as recording. Once the new vocal processor is here, I can mix the vocoder into that device as well. This is amazing sounding audio gear and a lot of fun to play with.

The real challenge in harnessing this level of audio gear, is having songs to record. [which I do] So it is my hope that by August, I can get started recording a 70's pop song that I wrote, called, "I Still Miss You". We shall see.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Losing Time

Aha! I've lost a week. These blasted headaches are burying me. The new mic boom mount was cheesy so I need to buy a small 3.5-inch circular saw so I can cut some wood and make some custom blocks for the table to create a dead-solid mount for the boom stand. These delays are really stressing me out. Songwriting alone is challenging enough let alone not being able to record the songs. In hindsite, if I were to do this all over again, and I may just might be doing that, I will go with a dedicated hard drive recording system. In just trying all of these combinations I have somewhat grown out of computer DAW recording. Maybe its great for people who never have health issues and have more time to iron out the niggles. For me, my only chance now is with the Mac. Reaper is showing good promise. Cubase4 works and Logic is another learning lesson. I don't wanna learn, I wanna record. I may still buy a MackieHD24 and connect my 01X lightpipe to that. Luckily the 01X also can be a standalone, automated mixer. That's why I bought it.

I'm bluesy. But I've come this far. So I trust the rest will come with more time. Providing I don't run out of time, I'll be okay.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NASAV_studios Semi-Operational


Finally! Mac OSX and Yamaha 01X up and running. Using the 01X with OSX and Logic is so superior to anything on the PC. Also, every knob, button and setting, including [SCRUB] works flawlessly out of the box.


As you can see, this is a tricky setup in a 27-foot motor home! The 30-inch LCD also serves our TOSlink optical 5.1 surround home theater, XBox360 gaming, XBoxLIVE Netflix streaming both to the 30-inch and the 19-inch flat panel LCD in bedroom. The 30-inch also has connectivity to the 2 PC's behind the view you're seeing. But, most of the time the MacBook gets all the attention!

Until the near field monitors arrive I am not going to re-route any cabling. Things are a bit haphazzard now out of excitement to get busy playing music. I've got the mixer, Mac and LogicPro8 online working well. And, using Paltalk Express in Flock browser with the MacBook's built-in mic and cam works really well.

A large portion of recording work [for me] is vocals. Being a songwriter, songs have lyrics and they need to be sung. Then there are oooh's, ahhh's and harmonies. And they also need to be sung. So, until the new vocal processor is here I will not initiate recording the first song of my album.

Meanwhile, I am really having fun with the MOTIF_XS and I am using it quickly compared to months ago. Now constructing, "instant songs" is starting to become the norm. This truly opens the door for both comedy parody songs and inspirational ideas.

Soon as the new monitors, vocal processor and 12_string electric guitar arrives, then I can finish routing cables. Then I will begin recording, "song 1" for the CD.

Meanwhile, I've got a ton of web work that I wish to do. I am revamping all of my websites. Making them match a consistent theme. Recoding them to load much faster and display properly on a wide variety of monitor resolutions and different brands of web browsers. So, I am excited to get all of that done and out of the way. But, it will take up to and possibly through Fall to accomplish this, which I will explain below.

I've got more content coming to my sites. And, in the grand scheme of things, in between health, I will be lucky to actually accomplish this before 2010, but I am going to say that I will.

One thing that excites me is to finally be playing music and sharing it! I look forward to LIVE music sessions via and Paltalk. And, of course I will archive the videos to my YouTube accounts. Just search for:



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Hold

The new mac should be here any day along with its accessories to fit it to the studio area. I found a nice laptop stand that will work nicely in my space.

Today I ordered the Acme stuff. They make incredible quality products. I got their QM-50 mic arm and QM-25 9-inch curved pop filter. Really nice setup to use with the RODE NT1A LDC mic!

QM-50 mic arm

QM-25 9-inch curved pop filter

The table hole drilling and mixer stand install is not going to be very difficult so I am holding off until the mac is here. Soon as I have the mac to fire up that gives me a DAW for the 01X mixer. Until then, I'm just fiddling about with my Xbox360 catching up on some lost game time.

I'm still kicking between the Yamaha HS_series or KRK_series reference monitors. Will decide when i order the VoiceLive_2 vocal processor.

The Hunter air filtration system in the RV is wonderful. Everyone should have these filteration systems in their homes. Period! No more dirt!

The ice maker has been really a pleasure. It makes ice quickly and without a lot of fuss or noise. No more buying expensive ice and the conveniences is a major luxury.

The Memorial Day crowd is long gone and things are quiet here as usual. So far, this season, city visitors seem to be mellow compared to last year. Perhaps the economic pressure plays a part.

Will update here when I got something new.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

QY100 - Let There Be Light

Hello. I’m a very happy camper finally finding a Yamaha QY100 that is backlit. Sure, if you’re an electronics wizard I don’t see this as being too difficult to do. But since that is not my forte, [in itself]finding one of these gems was an amazing adventure. Shown below is a typical QY100 that is NOT backlit.

Shown below [in a darkened area] is the same QY100 shown above, but my machine has a built-in backlight. I am very jazzed about finding this genuine, fun and creative musical instrument!

For now I won’t bore you with the specs of this 24-track sequencer, but what turns me on are the 4,285 phrases in this machine.

There are a myriad of ways to construct music besides turning on a recorder and playing guitar and singing. Today’s music construction tools include using computers with very sophisticated recording software including virtual instrument. Additionally there are dedicated machines such as the QY100 which can also be used portably to create songs and patterns when that moment of inspiration smacks you in the face while having coffee at Starbucks. There’s more. Extremely complicated and high quality digital audio workstation keyboards like the MOTIF_XS easily create loops and patterns. You can record linear songs, import samples from CD and include in your sequencer tracks, and then there are 6,000 arpeggios at your disposal.


Take a listen to the short phrase clip. See what you think. It may not sound like much but this music was a bunch of junk_MIDI data when it first was ported to the MOTIF. First I had to sort out an XG_MIDI issue between the QY and the MOTIF. Then choosing the right instruments for each part, although fun, was time consuming even though the MOTIF makes this process very easy with category search. Then on to making EQ adjustments, adjusting verb and chorus helped too; a little bit of panning helped the arrangement settle down in the mix.

I was proud of this first try. Take 3 phrases, slap them together and then paint-by-number using the MOTIF’s colorful palette of instrument samples. Also let me say, the MOTIF_XS’s 16-track MIXER is really cool. I find myself spending more time using the mixer as I do using my 01X mixer with Cubase. It really nice to compose music on the board, and on the fly, make mixing adjustments right as you are constructing your music. Usually, this is a post-production process where you would mix down everything later. On the MOTIF many times I don’t have to remix my music because I got a great recording within the 1st 5 takes or less, mixed and adjusted it there and now its ready to be a part of the arrangement. To frost the cake, all of this can still be easily shuttled into Cubase or Logic where high quality studio plugins for mastering can be applied to further enhance the dynamic range of the mix. The music clip above is a first take recording that was remixed several times, but only recorded one time, and with no further DSP enhancements added to the original instruments. Not bad ;;smile;;


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sorry I'm Late

Time flies when you’re having fun… or when you’re slammed with headaches like I am. Nevertheless, I do try to remember to blog here about what’s going on with me.

Most recently I am songwriting, staying in practice on the MOTIF and continuing to finish up the details constructing NASAV_studios.

Yeah, I know. You’ve been hearing about this for over a year now. Well, take it from me. I planned this for years before I began and although I am four month behind my initial estimated time of completion, I AM COMPLETING. The studio will be wonderful when it’s done and worth all of the man hours PLUS the down-time due to my health, which both played a part in completing the studio project.

That photo above is a Yamaha QY100 which is a portable, 24-track sequencer. Mine happens to be one-of-a-kind being “backlit” when powered by 110V AC. I use this device for sketching out song ideas and testing song construction. This is a fast and easy tool which saves me a lot of time. If the idea doesn’t work here, it is seldom that I will continue the project on my MOTIF_XS workstation. The QY100 operates for only 3 hours on batteries but I use it most of the time jacked into the wall power so the backlit screen is powered. Data saves are managed using 128Megabyte SM flash memory card. Musical data is shuttled directly to the MOTIF_XS via MIDI where then musical instruments are chosen and reassigned to tracks as well as any additional song construction is managed.

In other news, we installed an icemaker in our motor home which is really nice. No more buying ice! Also, our ice now is made using the bottled water we prefer and the ice does not dis-flavor anything we drink when using ice cubes we make. Looking forward to using this machine a lot come summer. Shall keep an ice chest full all year long.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

NASAV_studios Construction • ETA JUL 4

For those of you whom have been following any of my progress with regards to constructing the project studio in the motor home, you’re probably tired of hearing that it [still] is not complete.

This venture became much more complicated than I had first imagined. And not because of unknown aspects of creating such a thing, but rather the dynamics of setting up an real, professional, workable production environment where I can write, record, mix and master music specifically with CD replication in mind. In other words, to produce a record album.

Before I scramble over some of the details surrounding the remainder of the work to be done, I would love to announce that today I installed a high-quality air filtration system by Hunter. My initial idea was to combat dust and dirt from getting into the new PCs, Macs and recording gear. Now that the filtration system has been running for about 9 hours, I can assuredly say that the air quality in the motor home is now 1000% better than before. This RV always tended to be a bit stuffy because we have most windows closed. If we want fresh air, the large bedroom window provides plenty as does the main entrance screened door. However, with every window and dome closed, with no air conditioning running, the air is “nearly” as fresh as sitting outside in the forest. I noticed this improvement within 2 hours of turning the filtration systems on.

Okay, back to the studio construction process where things are becoming somewhat easier now that much of the hard work is out of the way. Here are some of the remaining aspects of this project:

• Routing cables, setting up microphones, stands and filters. Creating various pieces of wood that are used for mounting blocks, anti-skid surfaces and table stabilizers. Also, I found a much better quality spring-boom that needs ordering.

• Setting up and configuring the mixing console, routing cables.The mixing console is still on hold due to customization rising up through the table. And, until the mixer is hot, meaning connected to the computer and processing audio and MIDI data, there is no recording.

• Speaker monitors and subwoofers are still to come. I am still wanting Yamaha HS80Ms, but space may dictate HS50Ms. Why haven’t I decided yet? Well… “according to the scale drawings”,
I should purchase the 50Ms. But, I rearranged a bit and I would really prefer the 80Ms for their mid-range capability.

• After several months of deliberate contemplation, I have chosen to purchase a white, polycarbonate 13-inch MacBook. This notebook will rest on a notebook stand on the studio table where I will output its video to the 30-inch LCD which stands directly in front of the Yamaha MOTIF_XS workstation. For remote jobs, the MacBook will accompany the Yamaha_01X mixer inside its airline luggage-ware. And at this stage of the process I don’t know whether I will end up living in Logic_Studio_8 or Cubase_5.

• As excited as I am to get my new vocal processor, it’s actually good timing that the manufacturer, TC-Helicon, won’t be releasing the VoiceLive_2 until MAY 2009. This was a feather in my cap. Because when I begin recording, I have every intention to begin with MOTIF_XS, microphone and VoiceLive2. So until the VL2 unit becomes available, I am not recording anyhow.

• Last but not least, I do plan to be recording live 12-string guitar parts in my recordings so after much shopping I have chosen to try the Ibanez AEL2012. I’ve blogged a little about this guitar before, but can’t remember if I said I had purchased it.

Due to health complications I am having, everything I blog about doing constantly gets interrupted, which adds to the time of completion. I am currently almost 5 months beyond my original date of completion. NOTE: simply purchasing equipment and setting them up on stands and tables is one thing. But, doing this in less than a 8x8 feet of space, while maintaining daily, necessary walking space, along with daily necessary seating and living, regardless of whether music is getting recorded or not, is very challenging. But, when this project studio is complete, it will be most rewarding to spend time at because I bought quality gear capable of exceeding my audio quality expectations.

At this time, I am not sure how much multimedia I will be showing the public when the studio is done. Perhaps a small website, maybe just a picture slide-show or short video. I don’t know ( I D K ). A lot now is timing and bolting down, screwing in and tying up.

Meanwhile [as I have said this before] the MOTIF_XS workstation allows me to practice and sketch musical ideas and arrangements in a very musically-friendly environment. The MOTIF is simply pleasure to one’s ears. Even when playing for fun and practicing, the MOTIF has the musical prowess to draw emotional tears. For me, this tells me I am working with the right gear.

Next report I hope to be touting about the Yamaha_01X mixing console is up and running – which means RECORDING.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

NASAV_studios Under Construction

NASAV_studios is on schedule. Today I got the 30 inch LCD moved to the studio area. I have not ordered the reference monitors and subwoofer yet. So, for now I rigged up some cheesy Gateway PC amplified speakers and subwoofer with extra cheese. They are crap but crap is much better than zero! The Pentium 4 will get wired up tomorrow and I will run the Ethernet, TV_cable, and component video and audio cables from this side of the truck to the studio side. Then drill all the "marked" holes in the table and get the mixer stand installed. Can't wait to get the 01X mixer up and running because when the 01X is happening, then the studio is happening... in RECORDING MUSIC!

So, it's Saturday night, 9:30pm and I am as happy as a clam with the studio progress!

Meanwhile I will spend some time enjoying my Xbox360 and call it a good day.

P.S. Taking glucosamine is greatly helping my bones and joints and I am overall feeling improved!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Music News

Okay. I promised that I would bring you up to date with what's going on.

For starters, I am having great difficulty in a muscular_skeletal kind of way. Due to my getting hit by a car in 1993 left me with a luxated atlas, along with accelerated arthritis and disc problems with vertebrae C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, L5. Now I am also suffering with Coccydynia, better known as tailbone pain.

The reason I brought this up is these skeletal pains blend in along with the constant barrage of headaches and other maladies of MTBI. So, the fact that I have been able to teach myself how to accomplish getting things done, in spite of morbid levels of chronic pain, is nothing less than a miracle if you're asking me. Which brings me to my next point.

I'm getting very close to ordering a Mac to use with the 01X mixer and launch NASAV_studios. I just ordered extension cables for the component video in order to move the 30 inch LCD over to the studio table. Then I can drill all the table holes, including two 1.5_holes for mixer stands that will come up through the table top. One on the left for the 01X mixer and the stand on the right will be for the vocal processor. In time the vocal processor may go to the floor [where it's home really is] and I am considering putting a TASCAM_2488_NEO HDD recorder in the right stand. So, really, once the LCD gets moved, then the Mac gets ordered. Once that is jacked, the reference monitors and sub woofer (Yamaha HS50M and HS10W) will be ordered. Then I make the stands and by the time the monitors arrive, I can unpackage them and properly mount the stands and acoustic foam, then run some audio tests to tweak the monitor settings for this space.

It's more of a time and space juggling act. This is a 27 foot class C motorhome. So I don't have a lot of space to store MORE things than I already have in storage on board. Back when I was ordering the MOTIF_XS workstation, I was juggling my Korg_i3 and Takamine_12-string in the shower space. My point is I don't have the room simply to order everything and take my time putting things together. In any case, I am about 4 months beyond my initial plans on paper, but like a tortoise, I still will make it happen.

Music! Ahh yes. The reason I am doing all of this! I am working on some new material now which I have decided to use on a separate album of music. These songs are instrumentals consisting of 2 guitars, harmonica, and various percussion instruments such as shaker, tamborine, and triangle. The style of music is folk/pop/jazz and the songs are from the 30s, 40s and 50s with a few of my own thrown in for good measure. I am also toying with various samples of crackling fire [including recording my own] to be mixed in like campfire sound. But I am quickly learning, this background sound must be a very specific kind of fire sound in order not to distract from the music and I believe it will require mixer automation as well. Meaning, throughout the mix of each song, the fire track will need adjustments during the final mixdown and those adjustment are also recorded in real time. If the fire idea doesn't work as I am wanting, I will opt not to use the idea at all. But this music is so lovely, my first thought was that the music is perfect music to sit by a campfire and listen to. Lovers music, if you will.

In lieu of chronic pains I detailed earlier, I began consuming glucosamine which has greatly helped the joints of my bones. When I wake up, I don't feel like I am 90 years old anymore. So, I can say with confidence, if you suffer joint pain, even all over your entire body like I was, get yourself some super_duper glucosamine and eat 3 of those a day and inside of a week, you WILL notice a difference.

Back to fun. I will be glad to get the basics of the project studio over with. I still have the NASAV_studios logo to draft up in Illustrator_9 and email to the shop, but that's like a few hours kind of job. But, having the dedicated work space to sit, compose and record music brings tears of joy to my eyes. Also, the Yamaha MOTIF_XS is a powerhouse workstation and was a good choice. I continue to learn new things each and every time I use it. The downer of using USB sticks to save data is they are not fast. Class_2 memory is common in USB and SD card memory. It doesn't take THAT long to save, it's just that all other operations are nearly instantaneous, so it makes you wish that saving data was as fast as the other operations of the workstation. But, if and when I want to accelerate data saving I can always connect the MOTIF to the LAN via 10/100 Ethernet and save data to one of the 650GB SATA HDDs that are on the network — convenient feature. And, mLAN firewire is always available as well via the 01X mixer.

My search for other musical instruments continues. However, I have decided which 12_string I am going to order. It's a Ibanez AEL2012ETKS. This is a gorgeous black and gold guitar with what they call a Flamed Sycamore top. The rest of the body being Maple, along with a Mahogany neck, gold hardware, abalone rosette inlay around the soundhole and Fishman Sonicore pickups, EQ and tuner. I have not had my hands physically on this guitar to know how it plays. However, being a very accomplished 12_string guitar player, I have watched over 9 videos of this guitar being played by others. The videos gave me enough information to make an informed decision to purchase this guitar. I will order it from American Musical Supply (AMS) online. They provide an additional 1 year warranty over the factory 1 year warranty (2 years total anything goes) plus AMS gives you 45 days from date of purchase to return for exchange or refund, no questions asked. So ultimately, there is no loss involved. The AEL2012 is a "jumbo" style body and I am hoping it will fit my existing hardshell case, but I will play it smart and telephone them to ask. If I need a special size case for this instrument I will need to order one. My case is for a standard dreadnaught 12_string and I get the feeling [now that I am talking about it] that the "jumbo" will require a larger case. Exciting times!

Those of you who are still with me, I am searching for a FOUR_string plectrum banjo. Most of them come with resonators, which usually is a wood cover that mounts onto the banjo brackets and covers the back of the banjo. Ever since teaching myself to play banjo, I never liked resonators for they make the sound "ring longer" or "sustain" where I prefer the short, plunkity_plunk ragtime sound. Many times years ago, I used to stuff a cotton t-shirt or 2 pairs of Fruit-Of-The-Loom underwear into the underside of the banjo in between the torsion-bar and the banjo-skin surface. This would act as a good dampener so the sound would not RING OUT. Banjo's are loud instruments already. Seldom do they require amplification unless you are performing where serious amplication is needed to even be heard. So my homemade attenuation worked well over the years. Anyhow, there is a banjo shop in San Francisco I want to visit, for an entire day. I would like to try out at least a dozen or more banjo's. I think 20 instruments is the magic number. But, honestly, it's been years since I have played a banjo for any length of time. So, the second I recognize "this is the one!" then I will know how many banjos it will take. I will purposely start with say a $500 banjo which I don't plan to spend that much to buy one. Then work backwards price-wise until I find the instrument that plays nice. I expect to find my instrument for about $350 dollars. Then I can record some TUBA tracks on the MOTIF, add small drum kit and bingo! I got my ragtime banjo band. It's really a lot of fun to play banjo. Even people who think they hate ragtime music will find themselves tapping their toe while listening to me play. It wouldn't surprise me if Latin Americans knew the words to Bill Bailey and Oh Susanna! LOL

I've rattled enough. I could continue with all of my web projects news, but I think this is enough for one sitting. I will blog about the web stuff next time. For those of you who waited for me to blog, I duly appreciate you. And for those of you who RSS my blog, I would like to personally give you a big, Thank You" because it means a lot to me. I am reading a lot of RSS using the Flock browser and love how easy it is to just click on that orange RSS icon to have things automatically update to your browser!


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lots Of News

Hello fellow followers!

Well for once I can post without the usual, "Nailed Again". Glucosamine works!

Today through tonite VERY busy. I will blog probably midnite:30 PDT to update you about everything that is going on.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello World

Getting back onto my feet reminds me of coding your first program to display "Hello_World" on the screen.

The weather has warmed up [in the day] to 76F degrees which greatly helps my spine and body (that adores heat and humidity). As for the rest of my idiodic health [as usual] it just runs its course and consumes whatever amount of time it wants to.

So I'm back riding my ToDo_List and expect to complete a slew of projects. Mind you, where I come from, being productive or getting things done is NOT the epitome of life. Living here in the mountains by a lake in our motorhome and doing absolutely nothing can be shear joy to say the least.

Nevertheless, I DO have a lot of irons in the fire and would like to get the majority of my busy_work accomplished before Summer.

On a final note, over the past year I've been banging my head learning XHTML, DHTML, CSS and javascript. It's really cool that I've mastered my challenges. I plan to revamp my older websites and install them into the new shell design which required some tricky business in the coding department. So, after a lot of Google searching, forum reading and studying some research materials in my library here at home, I have figured out how to accomplish what I am wanting to do.

Yay Harry!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Nailed Again - Continuing

Jeeze, this has grown interesting. My todo list is twice as long as it was, and it appears that my spine is winning. It's nice that I can blog from bed using my NintendoDS... tis more than I can say for iPhone users who don't know what blogs are.

Anyhow, I am admidst a sea of spinal agony so not much is getting done. I've completed my purchase lists for the remainder studio gear. The new vocal process won't release until April, so no hurry for that.

Have drafted up replacement websites for both the /pchelp and /slot1 which is changing to /games to accommodate other gaming consoles as well as NintendoDS. Will be nice to finally dump the Fireworks prototypes and their mega-sliced HTML-ism.

For now, guess I will just rest up and get ready to burn rubber the next time I am on my feet.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Nailed Again

Somebody please tell me something that I don't already know!

I'm up to my ears in morbidity. See ya when I get back.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ask Harry

Logic Cubase Sonar DAW digital mixers 01X MOTIF XS recording DAW controllers EuCon mLAN MIDI Firewire ADAT TOSLink S/PDIF "ask me anything"


A Mixture Of Things

Hello and sorry to keep you waiting!

Been extremely busy since my last post. I entitled this blog, "A Mixture Of Things" because the past few days has been just that.

Some travel to the big city to visit and help my uncle who's health is failing and needed assistance with quite a few things. Also, he will be needing to move to another location and will need somebody to do some footwork for him to help find a dwelling to meet his needs.

While we were there, his leg infection became an emergency and we admitted him to the hospital where he is much improved now, but it appears his heart just isn't doing its job and that is causing many of his newer problems.

Meanwhile, I am still ordering toys and equipment for NASAV_studios, along with some cables and wiring. I know I have discussed this many times now, but between wrong parts and change in design, it was necessary to change the type of cables to get the job done. Also, the 30 inch LCD will be moving to the other side of the RV. I previously announced this and due to my own health challenges, the LCD has not been moved yet.

Additionally, I am ordering a new 12_string acoustic electric guitar. I found a nice Ibanez which should prove useful for recordings and live performances.

Still find time to play games on both the Xbox360 and the NintendoDS. The new games rock! All of the new games coming are fantastic, engrossing and fun to play!

In web news, I finally got over my DHTML, CSS and javascript hurdle. I am so jazzed that I got my head wrapped around this so I can now begin to apply this technology to my new designs and websites. Talk about happy times.

Although I do have a /pchelp website up and running, that website is going to get ANOTHER facelift with MANY changes, including no content omissions.

Believe it or not, the PC Help Videos website is going to get a facelift and a bevy of new videos added to the site, along with older videos getting updated. HappyHarryNET PC_Help_Videos will continue to participate as a major contender in the PC Help arena!

For those of you who are into socnets (social networks) such as MySpace, facebook, and Twitter and want to stay in the loop with what's going on in the world of HHNET, it would be my suggestion to join facebook, Twitter or subscribe (RSS) to my blog and use the Flock web browser which makes it really easy to manage all of your socnet activities. And, Flock is a really good browser!

Thanks again for listening. There's much more to come!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Nailed Again - Familiar Territory

Today I wokeup with a vicious headache. This was around 9:45 am. I slept well as usual and upon my first awakening I noticed improvement in my L5 and tailbone, meaning less pain.

Trying to get onto my feet was another thing. This was one of those blinding screaming headaches with the morbidity of death. I medicated and immediately began a skull massage using my infrared massage unit. I must have passed out for I don't remember anything after that.

Then I woke up again. Headache was down to a dull roar. Phone ringing. Some idiot telling me my car warranty is about to expire so when I asked them about it, of course, they did not have access to those records. Now I'm awake and realize that in the middle of this headache I'm dealing with the first telemarketing call to hit my new phone number.

Now to begin my day. Looking over my notes from yesterday I am reacquainted with my excitement about Q-Mic product line which I will be ordering. But, for now, I am going to take this day slowly and not dive into any projects.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nailed Again - But Still Hammering

Well, nothing new to me. It's challenging sorting out which excercises don't irritate my spine, especially L5 and my tailbone. Toss in a few headaches and poof, there goes a week reaL easy!

Anyhow, during a recent trip into the city I took measurements of the iMac24 so I can simulate it here in the studio area. The 30 inch LCD will also be mounted above the Mac so I needed to know clearances between the two monitors.

I've decided to try out a pair of monitors that will be useful with the PC/Mac and then I can proceed with ordering the new TC-Helicon VoiceLive_2 and get started with that. Reference monitors are MORE important for MIXING than actually playing the instruments per se, so by the time I have maybe 2 to 3 songs recorded I can order the Yamaha monitors and subwoofer.

Well, its good to be back on feet. I was wiped out with Dramamine last nite, jeeez, I could easily overdose on that crap. I'm not traveling well these days, whether I drive or not. Getting equilibrium issues again real bad, so back to the neurobrain people to see what's going on. Perhaps it's scan-time again, hopefully no negative changes there.

Meanwhile, I got a couple web projects to finish up and then it will be time to totally rip up HappyHarryNET and give it a facelift while widening the web space area to accommodate some of the new pages and upcoming content.

For now I am going to keep all YouTube content (including music) on my Hornstrum account so to get there it's pretty easy  I will put a logo-link on my site today, a few people have asked me about that.

And for those of you who have asked me here for it, I WILL be creating an "Ask Harry" section on my website so you can ask questions or make comments. Then I will publish your questions and my responses on a dedicated "Ask Harry Blog" so look for that soon.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peggle - Finally Here!

Wow! Peggle is a fun game. I first went goofy over this game when PopCap made it for RealArcade. Ever since then I dreamed of it for both NintendoDS and Xbox360.

I've already been playing the Peggle Dual Shot on DS, tonite I just bought the 360 version of the game which is better in a few different ways, including more colors!

One interesting note of trivia. When I was exiting the game back to the dashboard, there was one sound effect linked to pressing the "A" button which was the "infamous Windows asterisk sound" used for dialogue boxes and when you click on the volume control slider in the system tray ;;heh;;

Anyhow... Peggle is on my 2 favorite gaming consoles and that's all that matters!


Working Out Is Working

Tomorrow marks three weeks since I began my workout routine. It's going very well. Currently, my program runs 90 minutes. 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength training, with the remaining time spent swimming, sauna and hydrotherapy.

Still, I miss the "range of motion" that only the Total_Gym can provide and plan to purchase another one very soon. The Total_Gym [as seen on TV with Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley] is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment which will give you immediate results. In the past, I have even taken my Total_Gym with me on commercial aircraft when I am visiting away from home, simply because I prefer to use it rather than typical gym equipment.

Friday marks the beginning of 40 minutes cardio and doubling my reps with weights. My swimming time will increase as my back and spine become stronger, and I look forward to swimming this spring and summer here at the resort where we live.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

TC-Helicon Voice Live 2 and 1

The VoiceLive_2 is an impressive "stomp-box" vocal processor. Being a user of the 1stGen VoiceLive unit, I was immediately engrossed with the QUALITY of the new VL2 unit. It now possesses all of the vocal processing effects of their rack units as well as now providing 8 harmonies live.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to use the VoiceLive_1 shown above. It's a quiet, quality unit that can also serve as a quality mic preamp for pres that are short on gain or the ones that get noisy when you crank them up.


Nailed Again

Well jee, another insideous headache. I thought I might get the 30inch LCD moved today. Perhaps later, i'm checkin' out.


Friday, March 06, 2009

25 Things About HappyHarryNET

01. People who get to know me will learn that I am passionate about everything that I do.

02. I disagree with most "green technologies" that are offered to the public as environmental heroes.

03. Slogans amuse me. My favorite is, "If should's and but's were candies and nuts, it would be Christmas everyday".

04. Music is my first love. That is, writing, singing and playing guitar, piano & banjo with the xylophone being one of my favorite orchestral percussive instruments.

05. The Flock browser is a ingenius method to stay, "in the loop" with all of your social nets.

06. The finest historian of our century is Eustace Mullins who was embued by Ezra Pound.

07. I find most things funny, and if it's not funny, then I think of something funny

08. Although I wanted my own biological children, I have none. And I have many wonderful step-dots.

09. I enjoy learning new things by video tutorials, to the point I created many of my own that are on my PC Help Videos website.

10. Distractive therapies are tools that I use to detour chronic pain from controlling my time.

11. Had I never been hit by a car, I never would have taught myself to be as good as I am.

12. Girls ;;sigh;; Ahhh yes! Thank heaven for little girls ;;smiLe;;

13. Since its inception, I have truly loved computer software.

14. One of my favorite outdoor activities is spending time with, "the ducks".

15. My favorite indoor activity is living full time in our motorhome where I do everything indoors.

16. It's a shame that cellphone "texting" has replaced, "the first date".

17. I am NOT a phone-bug. However, feel free to call me anytime after 9 PM PST or weekends ;;grin;;

18. Don't expect me to come visit you. Metro-hysteria is NOT something I embrace.

19. Humid climates such as FLorida are heaven to my body and its thermostat.

20. Q: Why did the turtle cross the road? A: To get to the Shell station.

21. I am absolutely strict with regards to respecting other people's property.

22. In the year 2001, my doctors quoted me 15 years of life to end 8 years from now.

23. My favorite pizza is anchovie, pepperoni and cheese, thin crust.

24. I love cold nonfat or 1 percent milk in a frozen glass. The temperature is 38 degrees Farenheit.

25. Have a cow! Take a frozen 16 ounce glass, fill half with milk, top off with rootbeer.


I've Become A Flock-er

Finally got around to spending time to try using the Flock browser. First of all, let me begin by saying installing and "getting up to speed" using this browser, IS A SNAP! Additionally, this is a full featured browser than runs at a rabbit's pace and manages every conceivable online activity you can muster up and throw at it.

The Flock browser integrates all social networking features into your browser. I REALLY like this! At a glance, I can see the status of all my webmail accounts, Twitter, Facebook, 2_MySpace accounts, myBlog and RSS feeds. IF you are a member of any of the following, you NEED to be using the Flock browser!

+ digg
+ Facebook
+ Flickr
+ MySpace
+ Twitter
+ YouTube

+ Photobucket
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+ TinyPic

+ Blogger
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+ Typepad
+ Xanga
+ Self-Hosted Blog

+ Delicious
+ Magnolia

+ AOL Mail
+ GmaiL
+ Yahoo! MaiL

For information and tutorial, visit

P.S. Kudos to Microblitz ^5

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shifting Studio Around

Well jee, time flies when you're having headaches and fun ;;heh;;

In order to accommodate all the fun stuff that I am wanting to do in the forward cab of our motorhome, it was imperative to redesign space considerations.

Had I continued on the original design course, I would have lost use of the 30" inch LCD for home theater and Xbox360. That's not an option.

The solution was to stick with iMac24 for studio center piece and move the 30 inch LCD from this side's overhead and mount it overhead, "on the other side". Run extended component video cables and Ethernet over to studio table. This eliminates having to move the home theater subwoofer, rewiring the optical 7.1 surround. Also, this enables Xbox360 to the 30 inch LCD, the home theater for movies and streaming Netflix and AppleTV. Yay! No spacial conflicts! Keep in mind, we're talking 8 feet of very square space, here in the forward cabin of NASAV.

I'm looking forward to Yamaha 01x, Cubase and Logic on Mac OSX very SQQN !!

Once this nonsense is complete, I will publish pics and video. Still designing NASAV_studios website on yellow legal pad, so will be awhile before THAT site is hot.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Got My "Jasper" Xbox360

Got my Xbox360 replacement yesterday! Wow, what a difference. I suspected my 1stGen unit had some problems, but now I know it had problems.

The new "jasper" chipset is the latest 2008 build of the 360 including smaller CPU chip, lower power supply and overall less HEAT. Also, whereas I live in a motorhome in a particularly quiet area, it is OBVIOUS to me, the new units are much quieter during operation and there is no doubt about it, most of the LOAD times are faster.

The longest load time noticeable because it is a major NXE dashboard function, is that it takes about 20 seconds [while it does nothing] to populate your recent games list. I THINK MICROSOFT SHOULD FIX THIS. When you pop out of a game and want to jump into another one, especially the XBLA games that you purchase, no user should have to wait 20 seconds for a file listing TO APPEAR.

I am pleased in all respects! Last night I had my first 5_hour romp with Civilization Revolution. Real fun game.

The Arcade pack also comes with 6 FULL VERSION games [2 of which I already owned]. SEGA Superstars Tennis [Sonic], Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, PAC_MAN Championship Edition, and UNO.

[sidenote] NintendoDS has a new game called Big Bang Mini which is a stylus game very similar to Boom Boom Rocket on the 360. It's very colorful and a lot of fun! It's one of those games you start swishing the stylus and 3 hours later, you're still playing it!

The Arcade compilation disc has a nice, simple interface. However, I was dissapointed that Microsoft did not include NXE in their startup video, which would impress new 360 buyers. Actually, I didn't realize how much better NXE was until I saw the video that showed the previous, "blades interface".

In anycase, for me, it was totally worth buying the $199 Arcade360 to replace my 1stGen unit, popped on my 20gig hard drive and in minutes had my machine, Netflix and Media Center configured and up and running.

Thank you to Ars Tehnica for the photo.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Times

What a nice way to recoop from the usual pain-riddin lifestyle.

We got a couple days break from rain so I got up on RV roof and repaired some worn spots to disable a tiny, minor leak. FTW ^5

Enjoying the health spa and gym 4 miles away. Yeah! Didn't even know it existed. Everyday I workout and use sauna and hot tub. My body responds to hot moisture so well!! The exercise is good too. Also, a bonus. To get into the health club you must climb 2 healthy [steep] rows of stairs. Once inside the building there are stairs up to the cardio area and elsewhere as well. So even if you don't use the facilities, just walking around you get exercise on their stairs!

My Xbox360 began freezing up. No RROD (Red Ring of Death) yet, but no matter. The freezing is caused by the ATI graphics processor coming loose, I plan to rip open the console and repair it myself. Meanwhile, this coming week I plan to purchase a new Xbox360_Arcade which is the newer chipsets not prone to be problematic.

Still putzin with the /pchelp website. Should be done in another week or so. Keep trying the link on my main site. It will be obvious when it's hot.

Just beginning to dismantle the home theater system and wiring. Moving everything 180_degrees in the RV. The surround subwoofer and speaker connections are getting transferred to the other side of the truck so the 30inch LCD will be taken down from the overhead mount and attached to its table stand where it will grace the studio table and be used with Cubase4 DAW for recording. Additionally, I have a nice PC/Xbox switch to flip back and forth between games and the PC. The PC over there will boot to Cubase4 and fire up Yamaha mLAN. Dedicated recording. Where I am sitting now will be the MacBooth, where TWO iMac24 will be making home any day now.

I won't order the monitors until the stands are made and the surround job is done. Its just too congested in here when things are, "not in place".

Very much looking forward to March. It's music time!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nailed Again

Pain has outran my ability to distract myself from it. I see based on last blog and my overall health and looking at date on computer that I am losing days left and right. Today I tried a simple accounting of past few days and was not able to reconstruct today let alone past two to seven days.

Started some new AJAX code for website. Will get back to that when I am happening. So much to do, so little time with it flying by getting UN-USED.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nailed Again - Rip Roaring Headache & Spine

Jeez my head is gonna explode and my spine is on fire! Well, so much for getting anything done today. I'll putz around if I can stay on my feet.

Let's keep this one short. I'll be back.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rewire Time

Right when I was about to order speaker monitors and subwoofers, it came to my attention that the arrangement of gear in my studio area, including gear on the other side of the RV needed to get swapped with the studio-space side. For very good reasons, it is a good thing that I caught my own oversight! Now, all present entertainment functions will be possible at any time, along with the recording studio. Had I went ahead as planned, home theater surround, cableTV and Xbox360 on 30_inch_LCD would have gone down the drain.

So, next week is a RIP-UP when i remove all cable runs for cableTV, surround system, ethernet and power. New power runs as well with both line conditioning and UPS's on both sides of the truck, then run new cable runs from the forward cab and back to the electrical panel.

This is good timing. The 2 new iMac24s won't be here for a month anyhow, and the Vista laptop that is currently in use will be installed "under" the studio table and be a dedicated power-on to Cubase and mLAN for 01x and MOTIF_XS.

All in all, I am pleased. Even though I am two months behind my original projected schedule. In the end it don't matter anyhow. If the studio setup is not functionally correct, I won't be publishing any redbook CDAs. Where I come from, they call that confidence.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

MOTIF_XS - A Real Workhorse

While NASAV_studios continues to be under construction, I do have the workstation set up now in dedicated space which has allowed for much more TIME to spend learning the DEPTH of this outstanding, 8_element synthesizer workstation. What's left to do? Actually, alot! In this basic 6x4 feet of space, every detail is crucial to the end result of the project studio. I'm considering a dedicated hard disk recorder which will require another uprising stand through the table, so I am pausing plans.

As you can see, mixing is very much the same as a traditional mixing board, and of course the 8_faders and 8_rotary encoders are tied to all controls including the mixer, making adjustments a breeze. Still, I prefer working with 01X and DAW. However, there are some real advantages to dedicated hardware such as HDD recorders having the ability to mix audio, right onboard during a session without the need to transfer data over to a DAW. In other words, no computer needed.

For those of you who like to see things up close, this is a better shot to get a better perspective of the fader, encoder and transport controls. This synth is extremely intuitive to use, considering what a complicated machine it truly is. I keep learning more stuff every time I turn it on. Sometimes things get a little, "hairy" because of it's complexity. However, the upside to that is, when you want to create some special little detail that is not, "built-in" the XS will accommodate your idea with ease!

NASAV_studios photos and videos will be on the new website.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Age of Mythologies DS

Have been enjoying this turn based strategy game. It's a great way to wind down at the end of a day, fighting beasts and conquering kings. The graphics are really good and very easy on the eyes. You can play the game using the stylus or without; I prefer to not use the stylus because I am seasoned with D-pad games.

This game is much more balanced the former game, "Age of Kings" (AOK) and makes for a much more playable game. I am enjoying character development much more than AOK. Another really fun feature are the "God powers" you can unleash upon your enemies. I look forward to replaying this one.



Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Learning Insertion Effects

MOTIF_XS has a full complement of effects, both insert (Insertion) and send (System), and includes a special set of VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) effects that authentically model the elements in analog circuitry, realistically recreating the uniquely warm characteristics of vintage processing gear. XS also includes a sophisticated Vocoder effect that produces classic robotic synthesizer sounds, molded by your speaking or singing voice through a connected microphone.

What I am finding fascinating about the XS is it has over 300 effects presets! For example, you want to jack a mic and make it sound like a telephone call, you simply call up that insertion effect while recording into the sampler, add some compression, and you're done! Very slick!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

01x - Signature Series Gig Bag

Finally found another one! Model YB01X Signature Series Gig Bag. I say another one because months ago I had located one for $130 dollars plus shipping. Then I got side tracked and didn't buy it. When I returned to the site, they no longer carried it. Then when I scoured the Internet for 2 months I found nothing. So, I just ran into this deal a week ago and ordered one for $80 dollars.

This bag is nice. Plush and firm inside for the mixer and even for my 9 pound 17inch laptop! Although I'll be looking forward to the new MacBook Pro to fill that spot. Very well constructed and a pleasure to load up, zip up and go! ATA flight cases are selling for $180 dollars so I feel real good about this purchase.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Killer 01x Case Deal

Finally! After scouring the Internet for months I found a great deal for a dedicated travel case for my Yamaha 01x. This case offers room for mixer, laptop and cables. Suitable for carrying or tow with wheels. I will blog about the case later.

I am very glad to finally acquire a secure case for the mixer. I've been wrestling with the original factory carton and styrofoam in my storage space. Although the 01x is now resting in its new dedicated studio space, next time it gets stowed away will be much easier having the travel case.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

MOTIF_XS - True Workstation Production

Since purchasing my Yamaha MOTIF_XS workstation, I've mostly enjoyed it's internal digital sounds. I've spent some time learning pattern mode and its onboard mixing capabilities and although I utilize its sampling functions, I wasn't using the XS as a total solution.

Having this synth jacked into the O1X automated digital mixer makes life a joy and I got distracted for over a year learning that combination. Now, I have turned my attention to JUST the XS. Although it appears to seem a little clumbsy here and there, the XS is very capable in every department of the recording process, whether it be creating loops and patterns that will make up song parts, or recording vocals straight into the XS via the TC-Helicon vocal processor. Making good use of the onboard 16-track mixer makes sample/resample a breeze. It took me awhile to understand that, in order to use the XS totally as a standalone recording unit, first you must lay down a click-track or record at least one instrument BEFORE you begin sample recording and doing multitrack recording using its onboard 16-track sequencer/recorder/mixer.

It's fair to say, using the XS with 01X is, "more fun" because the 01X automates so many aspects of the recording process and it is very interactive. Whereas using the XS without a computer or the 01X is a different way to do business. All settings are total recall, but the faders are not motorized, a small price to pay for true standalone capability.

I like the idea of sitting down at the piano [per se] and completely working right there. No computer, no mixer, no monitors. Just put on my head-mic, headphones and get to work. I am toying around trying different variations of templates that I can begin a recording session with, thus saving time and getting the recording process going. Whereas my new studio monitors are not here yet, I thought this would be a great time to test the XS in standalone mode to see how it really does. So far, I am very impressed; to the point that I may construct and produce some material solely using the XS.

Who knows, perhaps I will adopt to a new style of constructing audio, music and songs. After all these years of research and finally spending thousands of dollars, most of what I've been wanting to accomplish can be done using one piece of equipment. Very impressive.

Demo's? Yes, snippets are coming soon. I'm also in the middle of constructing a new website for my music. I would also like this to coincide with my new YouTube area, so managing all of this takes time since I am wearing all of the hats.

It's great looking to the left of the RV and seeing dedicated recording space and having at least my minimal gear up and running. Along with that, this here PC will soon be getting a KVM switch to toggle between PC and Xbox360 mode, to save some strain of using the overhead 30_inch flat panel just to play games.

Life is good.