Sunday, July 18, 2010

Very Busy Summer 2010

Hello Everyone,

These are very busy times for me.

The neurobrain doctors and I are experimenting with new medication to combat the headaches. Their most recent analysis seems to hold some water, so I am giving it my best. So far, it appears that I am not going through any side effects and there have been improvements worth noting on my calendar.

Recording music took a major slump months ago due to dizzy spells and equillibrium issues which led me back to the brain doctors at the VA. Thanks to having a "total recall studio" I was able to jump right back into the fray of my most recent project. Very glad I bought O1X. I simply cannot imagine producing music without one.

In April I began writing workshops for personal growth and improvement. This has grown into such an on-going project that a dedicated website became necessary for organization. Additionally, I plan to publish my works via hardcopy book using online publishing.

RV life remains wonderfully private. Things are a bit noisier due to the summer crowd and vacationeers. The weather has been a solid 90 to 100 degrees by noon. And, I repaired our air conditioner twice and will be replacing the motor before Fall.

Enjoying my new Ibanez AEL2012 12-string acoustic electric guitar. I am going to put it into the shop again to try different brand and type of strings. Also, to have the neck adjusted and a few frets filed to my personal tastes. This guitar plays pretty well for an acoustic electric, and when plugged in it is a very capable instrument. Still, I find myself wanting another dreadnaught 12-string because of playability issues. Martin is a little too pricey for my taste. If I am going to spend $3,000 dollars I would forgo the guitar and plunk my cash down for a Tyros3. Time will tell. We shall see. When I go shopping for banjos again in San Francisco, I plan to try a few dreadnaught 12's too.

MissToshiba has found a niche in my life. I did not advertise her here in my blog. MissToshiba is my new PC laptop. She comes standard with a near-19-inch screen, Core i7 processor and 6GB DDR3 RAM, 7200RPM 500GB HDD, 64GB SSD, nVIDIA 360M 1GB DDR5 VRAM, 1920x1280 (1080p), Blu-ray, Bluetooth, Firewire, PCIe /54, LED backlit keyboard & 10-key numpad, SDHC memory slot, harmon/kardon surround speakers & subwoofer built-in, and she's a perky 10 pounds in weight. MissToshiba plays top of the line PC games with ease and chews on productivity applications without hesitation. This is the best desktop replacement PC that I have owned. Impressively, she can also accomplish quite a bit from her 12-cell battery and 10-Amp power supply including; burning a DVD or watching a full-length DVD movie. Blu-ray requires jacking into 110V AC power to complete watching an entire movie. Tisk, tisk. Anyhow, I am pleased in all respects and it is wonderful I was able to purchase this beauty at on 5-easy-pay payments.

Life is good!