Sunday, November 30, 2008

Phew! Another Month

Well jee, where DOES the time go?

In my case, I lose quite a volume of time to brain injury related matters. Nevertheless, we all have the same 24 hours a day to utilize and time is continually ticking away and there's not a dang thing you can do about it. Usually the best course of action is to utilize the time and DO something with it, anytime you can.

Although winter is here in the California mountains, we are going to set up an outdoor tent specifically to house a new Total_Gym. That's right, the one you see Chuck_Norris selling on TV. My 1st one lasted about 12 years before I chucked it into a dumpster. It had gone through 3 wheel change sets, lots of cleaning and lubricating while traveling all over the USA for nearly 10_years; including 2 rides on a commercial jet when it got banged up pretty good but was still my trusty Total_Gym and worked well. In any case, we are looking forward to this physical fitness arena add-on to the RV and my body is crying out for the exercise which pretty much came to a halt when I moved into the RV, 3 years ago come this May 2009.

On the projects home front, the most recent items that I ordered having to do with the recording studio, did NOT arrive at my physical location. So now I am tracking down items and getting the sellers to reship to me via FedEx with a signature.

Additionally, the NDS/slot1 site has been slow coming to say the least. I've been getting nailed so much with spinal issues and other health matters I am a month behind on this project. Still, I think I can wrestle the site to its minimal completion by December 20th. If I can't, I will change the release date, but this would be my last choice, since there are many users who have been waiting for the site with the DEC_20 date promise.

I am looking at purchasing a new 12_string guitar and a 4_string banjo. So, at this stage I am window shopping and researching product lines and technologies.

The Xbox360 has become all the more enjoyable with the NXE (new xbox experience) which is the new dashboard interface Microsoft released on NOV19. I opted for a Netflix account at $8 a month for 1 DVD out and unlimited streaming on XboxLIVE. Already, inside of 12 days, it has paid for itself TWICE compared to local CHEAP DVD rentals at $1 dollar each. I'm impressed the 360 continues to play a major role in our home's multimedia enjoyment. Kathy got Madden_09 for $30_bucks so I finally have a 360_version of Madden. Up until now I had Madden_04 and_07 for Xbox1 which none of the Madden's are playable on the 360. Also, the 20th anniversary edition of Madden_09 is a gorgeous game even if you don't like football.

Although I have not accomplished much in the month of November, I am trying to make this reading enjoyable nevertheless. My NintendoDS has some cool new games which I have yet to try out. Being a strategy nut, I did plunge into Age_Of_Mythologies right away and enjoyed that. I will blog about DS games in another blog after having the time to both play the games and write about them.

Meanwhile, we're just creeping up on the tail of Fall here. The air is crisp, the fog rolls in and the quiet of Winter has begun to creep into this area. The holiday people are gone, the groundskeepers themselves are somewhat hibernated, and like bears, I'm ready to enjoy 4 to 5 months of quiet time. With the exception of videogames, watching movies and playing music.

If you are wanting to participate more in my activities you can join my Twitter at

Until next time...


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NOV 25 - Relax and Happy Birthday Michael_S

Just thought I would post something relaxing to listen to. This is a snippet of 3 separate recordings; 2 guitar and my 1st try with harmonica.

Who Can I Turn To

I love pretty music ;;smile;;


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nailed Again - Into The City

Enjoyed a trip into the city. Kathy got her hair done, we visited with family and went shopping for a new cell phone and to buy new videogames.

I have not been traveling well the past dozen trip and am going to need to haul my butt back into the doctors. Rear skull dizzy spells, loss of equillibrium along with serious travel sickness makes for nothing less than a horrid time. I will have lost a solid 4 days after the dust from this trip settles. Along with the colder weather that is pounding me with daily migraines, it is very challenging to get projects done.

Kathy's birthday was October 11th so I gave her the new World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. I took awhile choosing amongst many great Xbox360 titles and chose Fallout_3.

Meanwhile, focusing on getting the NDS website up on or before December 20th.

The inexpensive 3/4 spanish guitar that I ordered is not quite up to my expectations, but it is fun to play and will hold me over until I spend serious cash for a guitar.

Some people have asked me so I will reannounce here. Yes I am making a website for our NASAV motorhome and there will be both photos and videos.

Since, I AM, a man of my word, I shall see to it that things get done come hell or high water.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nintendo DS Website and Chatango Chatbox

Thinks are moving along nicely. Just finished flushing out the comps for secondary web pages for the NintendoDS website. As usual, XaraXtremePro is really lending a hand!

People have been hanging out in the chatbox and the community is growing slowly. I anticipate more users to hang out once they learn about my site.

I am excited to offer "more content" to the public and provide a level of service that exceeds the majority of the other game sites with regards to online help.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

NDS Website

Hello everyone.

Well yes, of course, it is possible the NDS/slot1 website will be ready early! However, it goes without saying, that the worst-case-scenario means, the site will be open as scheduled, on Dec_20th.

For now I am keeping things simple and making the site easy to navigate. Again, the focus is on new users who might not even own a NintendoDS. Further, anyone who is looking for specific help about NDS topics will find them easy to locate on my site. So, again the focus is help and the focus is easy.

I decided to post a mini-FAQ because people have been asking questions. An FAQ you ask? Yes, that is Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Will there be a search engine?
A: No. Perhaps down the road when I have more time to dedicate to such a project.

Q: Is your website for game roms?
A: No. My website nor its FTP store any game roms.

Q: Will your chatbox help with questions about roms?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you going to charge any fees?
A: No. HappyHarryNET hasn't charged fees for anything in 11 successful years.

Q: What about donations and ChipIns?
A: I am considering adding my PayPaL donation button for $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $10 $20

Q: I heard a rumor about contests?
A: Yes. From time to time I will be having random contests with prizes.

Q: Is it true just about anybody can be a MOD in your chatbox?
A: Come to HappyHarryNET/slot1 and find out for yourself.

Okay. It's time to get back to work. Perhaps I will finish the web site early. Wow, now that would be awesome!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

NDS_slot1 ++news++

The NintendoDS slot1 website is in construction. But, I chose to test a chatango box on the site and to my surprise users began coming into the chatbox which has been a fun distraction from my working on the website.

In any case, things are moving along nicely and we have a slew of MODs so it's kinda like American Idol right now. We shall see if the list thins out over the holidays as the box becomes busier after the site opens.

To those of you who read my blog AND are trying out my NDS chatbox (which you can see right here below on the right side) I would like to thank you for your participation.

Meanwhile, I am getting back to work to finish these web pages.

PCTech never fear, I shall return; I promise. NASAV_studios is busy too. Painting is done and custom table is on order and shall be installed in a couple weeks. Then all my gear gets wired and I shall begin working out the live video kinks.

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NDS St. Helen

Long day. My girlfriend needed an angiogram so we set out to a local hospital a couple/few hours away.

The procedure went well. She had 90% blockage on main heart artery. It was a rough post-op day with her blood not coagulating then massive pain followed with her having severe reaction to morphine [loss of 24 points of blood pressure] followed by hours of nauseum. Hours later, things settled down and she slept for 3 hours to wake up looking refreshed and happy as if she just got back from a Jamaican vacation!

We look foward to getting back home to NASAV where its quiet and peaceful.

On another note, the NintendoDS (NDS) on hospital wifi has been a work horse and again I am pleased with its mobile capabilities, including my blogging now on NDS.