Saturday, October 17, 2009

Metro-Hysteria Stress

Finally back home after another trip into metro-hysteria. Our automobile required warranty repairs that were to consume the better part of Thursday.

Well things went sour pretty fast. The Ford dealer did not suggest a rental car, knowing they could not make the repairs in one day. The following day, the dealer called early in the morning, attempting to embezzle additional money from us when our purchased warranty clearly covered the work that was needed. Do yourself a favor and hire an attorney on retainer before you purchase health insurance!

Yes, our car got repaired. However, had we not paid the additional $480 hundred dollars [which began at nearly $600 dollars and I bartered them down to $480] the car would be 1)improperly repaired which affects the next time the vehicle is brought in for service regarding those same parts, meaning the warranty will not cover parts or labor, and 2)they would not release our vehicle back to us!

This reminds me of our criminal justice system where the district attorney offers a plea bargain which 90% of all accused accept, whether they are innocent or guilty, because if they don't the fines and time in jail/prison are so great, even an innocent person will take the plea. And they do. Go research THAT yourself.

Kathy and I are very glad to be back home. Besides the metro-hysteria, we're also recovering from second-hand cigarette smoke that we suffered amidst this obnoxious and insideous so-called adventure into the city. I'm still coughing and we're pretty wiped out.

Once I get my VA matters squared away, we'll be looking into getting 1000 miles further out after the holidays.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music Collaborating

One of the music forums that I frequent is having a collaboration. About a week ago I was sent secret instructions to construct a [bridge] in A minor, 120 BPM, modern rock. My instrument tracks are to be drums, bass and guitar.

Meanwhile, I am in limbo for my workstation is packed and ready for a swap with Yamaha, so I began constructing my arrangement using the QY-100 which is perfect for "in a pinch" situations like these when you don't have your regular gear to work with.

I have created the drum and bass tracks and have recorded them into the 4416 recording console and have applied EQ and L1 Limiter to liven up the mix. I will record acoustic-electric 12-string guitar as track 4 and remix. When done, I will burn a WAV file to CD-R and also upload the file to my FTP for the forum admin to download and import into their mix.

I can honestly say that spending my time involved with music is very rewarding.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Nailed Again - Very Busy

Funny thing... I was just talking about this in PCTech last night, early this morning. I mean, about getting nailed and losing time.

Since purchasing the new recording console, I've been very distracted using it. It is really nice having serious audio processing power HARDWARE. Admittedly, I have not used 01x and Logic on the Mac since the AW4416 and Y56K arrived.

In any case, today I have been up 3 times already. Barely enough to take medication and I'm bailing out again. Had plans of course, but scrap that.

Lots of websites to finish and new ones to make. And, a whole album of songs to record. But, it ain't happening today. I shall succumb to the pain of getting nailed and [as usual] I shall see you on the flip side when this is all over.