Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Irons In The Fire

After 16 years of cold and flu-less health, I finally got nabbed. I'm on the second go-round and am doing the feel better one day and feel like death the next. I suspect this condition will improve in the coming 10 days.

Meanwhile, it is raining every day and every night. This has placed an incredible damper on my vocal recordings. But, hey! The timing is just right because I am coughing my brains out and can't sing now anyhow. God's miracles.

While I whimper around with my tail between my legs as I fend of this cold, I've been surfing the net shopping for new electric guitars to be used to record new album tracks. Upcoming blog(s) will have details and photos.

I am months behind, but I am working on my webs. Right now I am reconstructing the foundation of my sites so they will be HTML, HTML5, smartphone and iOS compatible, including animation and video. Some of my original older pages such as ABOUT ME, HISTORY, etc., will be rewritten and will no longer be contain scroll boxes for improved readability.

Enjoying iOS gaming much more than I ever imagined that I would. But, hard-core PC gaming via Steam shall remain along side Xbox360 and XboxLIVE.

My Quit.Sugar.Lifestyle (QSL) is intact and going well. I will be introducing a new HappyHarryNET Health and Fitness web site, so stay tuned. Anybody can get off sugar, lose weight and feel great. It even helps fight off colds and flu.

Let our prayers remain vigil for everyone in Japan!