Wednesday, January 28, 2009

01x - Signature Series Gig Bag

Finally found another one! Model YB01X Signature Series Gig Bag. I say another one because months ago I had located one for $130 dollars plus shipping. Then I got side tracked and didn't buy it. When I returned to the site, they no longer carried it. Then when I scoured the Internet for 2 months I found nothing. So, I just ran into this deal a week ago and ordered one for $80 dollars.

This bag is nice. Plush and firm inside for the mixer and even for my 9 pound 17inch laptop! Although I'll be looking forward to the new MacBook Pro to fill that spot. Very well constructed and a pleasure to load up, zip up and go! ATA flight cases are selling for $180 dollars so I feel real good about this purchase.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Killer 01x Case Deal

Finally! After scouring the Internet for months I found a great deal for a dedicated travel case for my Yamaha 01x. This case offers room for mixer, laptop and cables. Suitable for carrying or tow with wheels. I will blog about the case later.

I am very glad to finally acquire a secure case for the mixer. I've been wrestling with the original factory carton and styrofoam in my storage space. Although the 01x is now resting in its new dedicated studio space, next time it gets stowed away will be much easier having the travel case.



Thursday, January 22, 2009

MOTIF_XS - True Workstation Production

Since purchasing my Yamaha MOTIF_XS workstation, I've mostly enjoyed it's internal digital sounds. I've spent some time learning pattern mode and its onboard mixing capabilities and although I utilize its sampling functions, I wasn't using the XS as a total solution.

Having this synth jacked into the O1X automated digital mixer makes life a joy and I got distracted for over a year learning that combination. Now, I have turned my attention to JUST the XS. Although it appears to seem a little clumbsy here and there, the XS is very capable in every department of the recording process, whether it be creating loops and patterns that will make up song parts, or recording vocals straight into the XS via the TC-Helicon vocal processor. Making good use of the onboard 16-track mixer makes sample/resample a breeze. It took me awhile to understand that, in order to use the XS totally as a standalone recording unit, first you must lay down a click-track or record at least one instrument BEFORE you begin sample recording and doing multitrack recording using its onboard 16-track sequencer/recorder/mixer.

It's fair to say, using the XS with 01X is, "more fun" because the 01X automates so many aspects of the recording process and it is very interactive. Whereas using the XS without a computer or the 01X is a different way to do business. All settings are total recall, but the faders are not motorized, a small price to pay for true standalone capability.

I like the idea of sitting down at the piano [per se] and completely working right there. No computer, no mixer, no monitors. Just put on my head-mic, headphones and get to work. I am toying around trying different variations of templates that I can begin a recording session with, thus saving time and getting the recording process going. Whereas my new studio monitors are not here yet, I thought this would be a great time to test the XS in standalone mode to see how it really does. So far, I am very impressed; to the point that I may construct and produce some material solely using the XS.

Who knows, perhaps I will adopt to a new style of constructing audio, music and songs. After all these years of research and finally spending thousands of dollars, most of what I've been wanting to accomplish can be done using one piece of equipment. Very impressive.

Demo's? Yes, snippets are coming soon. I'm also in the middle of constructing a new website for my music. I would also like this to coincide with my new YouTube area, so managing all of this takes time since I am wearing all of the hats.

It's great looking to the left of the RV and seeing dedicated recording space and having at least my minimal gear up and running. Along with that, this here PC will soon be getting a KVM switch to toggle between PC and Xbox360 mode, to save some strain of using the overhead 30_inch flat panel just to play games.

Life is good.


Friday, January 16, 2009

NintendoDS - Acekard2_i slot1 mini-review

The Acekard2_i does require 2 taps on the NDS touch screen and boots in 2-3 seconds tops, versus the M3DS_Real's 8_second "no hands" boot up. Acekard2i relies on Moonshell for media, and GBA support is sloppy at best. Audio files play at half the loudness of M3DS_ReaL and they hiss! Yukk! The Acekard2i's microSDHC cardslot is NOT spring loaded; proves I DID get spoiled with my M3DS "spring loaded" SDHC cardslot. I will eventually construct a ABC123_Help for GBA support. Most users will be challenged to get GBA games working on the Acekard2i. The Internet doesn't exactly have step by step instructions how to make that work. If you DON'T play GBA, or listen to music, or look at pictures, or read books or watch movies, then the Acekard2i rates a nice big 10 for its fast speed and clean, slick interface. But, having to rely on Moonshell to play media and no out of the box GBA support sands down my rating of this slot1 adapter to 7.5 at best.

Of course, if you plan to buy the new Nintendo DSi, then perhaps the Acekard2i or TTDSi is the slot1 for you! Keep in mind, GBA support on the DSi is not confirmed. Perhaps the GBA function of the Acekard2i being used on a NintendoDSi, works strait out of the box. Until I have a unit to test that, I cannot confirm this.

If you dont have a slot1 yet for your NintendoDS, purchase the M3DS "perfect bundle" which is the best way to get the necessary slot2 expansion for GBA support. The included RumblePak will never get used. M3DS_ReaL manages GBA support out of the box and it's a total no-brainer. Many slot1 reviews STILL say homebrew compatibility on the M3DS is quirky. I have everything working so I don't know why anybody would report this in a review of the M3DS_ReaL. This leads me to believe many of the reviewers HAVE YET TO ACCOMPLISH much of the homebrew for NDS. Otherwise, they would have positive remarks to make about the M3DS_ReaL adapter. I have purchased different brand slot1's and it is obvious which one is king and which ones don't cut the mustard. Sure they all play Nintendo DS roms. If that is all you want, then close your eyes and pick whatever name strikes your fancy. Don't say I didn't warn you before you spent your money!

For more information about NintendoDS slot1 adapters, visit my website and click on SLOT1 logo. Click on CONTACT ME anytime you wish inquire about anything. When you visit our chatbox, feel free to TYPE your question(s). The users who hang out are fun people and know a lot about most gaming consoles and games!


Heart Okay - Preliminary Report

After stress test today my cardiologist clearly indicated to me no aterial blockage. However he still wishes to investigate my FAST heart. The doctors don't know why I've been suffering the recent heart issues.

At this point, I feel as though I already have been given a clean bill of health. Knowing that I need to kill 20 points off my BMI is all the motivation I personally need to get started with improving my cardiac health. I'm sure I will end up getting scripted Plavix and a statin for cholesterol. We've already secured a nice spa/gym here locally where I can take advantage of hydrotherapy and needed exercise equipment during the winter. Come spring, we can pitch a tent and set up a TotalGym outside.

As for the so-called problems over the past few weeks. It is my own professional MTBI_patient opinion, that residual symptoms from the brain injury sustained in 1993 are still spitting out various neurological crap, including severe panic attacks. I will be seeking to hire a new physician who sympathizes with my needs and just write me the scripts for Lorazepam and bottled oxygen. This way I can manage these attacks on my own while totally eliminating the usual $3000 dollars for ambo and hospital.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Arrogance Blundered

Hello and welcome to another mental adventure through the mind of Harry.

After careful considerations during the design phases of my project studio [that is what they call home recording studios] I had included all space and every conceivable lifestyle activity that would be physically near or involved in the, "studio space".

Now that the table and first chair is actually physically inside the motor home, it has come to my attention that moving the O1X to my left hovering just above the MOTIF_XS workstation would be best suited for my habits. I tend to use the O1X left handed much more than right [and I am right handed] but the reason for this is because I can have my right hand on workstation, piano, keyboard and mouse controls while having a free O1X hand.

It doesn't appear as yet, that I will be able to utilize the HS80M monitors and will forced into the HS50M series simply because of space. From a monitoring standpoint this could serve as a plus because the smaller 5_inch monitor woofers [along with sub_woofer] replicate the mix typical of most car CD audio systems; which certainly will be ONE of my target audiences.

The HS80M has richer lows they could certainly be utilized from an audio standpoint, but in this case, physical space is going to win. I have table room for the 8's, it's just that by the time they get foamed up with Auralex_MoPads and put on stands, they collide with the O1X. Especially with the O1X elevated on a stand versus sitting atop the table surface, which doesn't work for me anyhow. So, the money saved on the 8's will pay for the cables. I spose that's a plus. I'd still like to uncover a way to use the 8's.

Also, looking at different power line conditioners. I don't want any of this gear just 110'd off the 20amp line. However, I must say that I have NEVER suffered any line conditioning issues in any capacity in the RV since the day we bought it. I have friends who cannot boast that kind of electrical power confidence, especially with audio and amplifiers in the picture.

Right now I am days away from getting a stress test to determine whether or not I get an angiogram. But the cardiologist has already shown confidence that either a stint or angioplasty will be necessary based on my symptoms and behavior. I am not a cardiologist and I too can certainly vouch for his qualified opinion.

On another note, my life partner Kathy, is doing a magnificent job tolerating me and my attitudinal changes since my heart began hassling me. I look forward to this nonsense to be in the past so I can get on to whatever time I am granted to use on this planet.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Studio Delays

Well, installed studio table and chair yesterday. Although I had computed all space, to scale, on the computer ahead of time, there were issues with the 5_spoke chair base as well as the depth of the table conflicting with the table on the other side of the Rv.

In any case I drug out both the MOTIF_XS and 01X to try out some spacial ideas and to get them out of storage and temporarily jacked them into a cheapo stereo so I could at least tinker on the ivorys last nite, which was fun.

I have changed my plan and will pop_up through the table with the 01X stand to the LEFT of the MOTIF which will place it above and over the DPS/faders/v_pots on the MOTIF. leaving more space in front for a keyboard and mouse. Also, I don't truly see the HS80M reference monitors really working in this situation and will use the HS50M's which are more than adequate to monitor mixes for the target audience, which are CD_car stereo systems and the average home PC/MAC 2.1 speaker setups.

So, some dissapointment, but shall resolve somehow, someway. In coming days will drill the table holes for cable routing and the two stands uprising through the table, 1 for mic boom stand and 1 for the support stand for the 01X mixer. Then we'll give it another go.

I'm very physically sore today and I had a lot of breathing and energy issues while working. I only have 5 days to wait for my stress test. I saw cardiologist yesterday and he was sensing that I prolly will need stinting but we shall see.

So today I am cooling my jets. Later will swap computers at the booth. Moving the Vista laptop to the other side and setting up 19" and my PC on this side with an A/B box between PC/360 whereas the 30" is overhead to my right. Surround can still be used as normal while playing on the 19" and thanks to the Sphere_X system, I can easily adjust the surround to exactly where I am sitting.

Got a little stuck for first level in Gears of War 2. shall get past that during next sessions play.

More to come.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Flash In The Future

Our computers

Now that 2009 is underway, I am kicking around some new ideas to Flash my websites. With nearly a dozen different designs that I have drafted up during the past two years alone, I now find myself questioning whether or not to implement them. I am using better methods and more efficient vector graphic applications which makes me wanton to create a higher level of professional web design.

Whereas my main course for this new year is recording music, it only seems appropriate that the NASAV_studios get special treatment. Afterall, people are going to desire listening to my musical creations and I really don't wish to continue posting snippets to my old Click and Listen website available at my main site HappyHarryNET.

Meanwhile, I am involved with a cardiologist and the remainder of studio construction and setup has now been delayed until I get what I consider to be, "clearance" from my doctor who has basically grounded me until further notice.

From the back burner, now in the foreground lies my new Nintendo DS website and chatbox which is already serving the NDS noobs. My MODs are doing a great job and our small community is continually growing. This venture should prove exciting a year from now.

Hope you had nice holidays as I did and I look forward to soon treating you all to some really nice musical arrangements.