Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taking Life Slow

I suppose this could be useful. Especially when I can't remember what I want to say, or lack of a better excuse, having nothing to bring to the table. All of which certainly does not describe me!
Am bluesy today. NASAV_studios has come to a grinding halt due to health issues stuttering in front of me like a fawn staring at my headlights.

Been kicking around some ideas for my new flash site which will exclusively focus on my music and NASAV_studios. But of course, so I don't give the impression of being silly, unrealistic or totally full of crap, there is no point in my having a music website when I am not not recording music! Just venting a little frustration. Please don't allow my rants to motivate your blocking my blog via NetNanny.

On a positive note, mentally, I am delighted with the idea of getting started with LogicStudio on Mac via 01X. Once you learn how to operate a automated digital mixer, there is no going back. Now, here is an example where I "could" use Zemanta to "reblog" old posts about Yamaha_01X. But, again, since I am bringing new excitement to my blog, I would prefer writing new excitement as well. Content has always been my primary focus since beginning HappyHarryNET in 1997. This is why I specifically chose to use the slogan on my website, "visit a website with REAL content".

Just yesterday I wrote some new lyrics. I will put music to them soon and add to the pile of content that needs to get published on the new website. Release date? I ain't going there until I get past this cardiology daydream that I am dealing with. Keep tabs here and you'll be the first to know. Also, I plan to have FANCLUB signup on my site for those of you who choose to follow my musical endeavors.


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Life Catches Up With You

In 1993 I was ejected from being gainfully employed due to brain trauma caused by head_on car that couldn't wait for me to pass by.

Of course, whether or not you are familiar with my many successes coping with MTBI and residual neurological dysfunctions, does not matter. For I am now writing about NEW plaguing matters.

In 1995,everything that my physicians told me would happen 5 years later is now happening. My skull and spine being at the top of the list spitting out enough chronic pain for a handful of people. Toss in the usual morbid 40 to 90 hour migraine or whatever the hell you call it and life becomes amusing to say the least.

Now that I have crossed the 55 barrier, it's cardiac time. Apparently, my bloodstream has clogged pipes and is giving my heart a run for its money. I have appointments for heart monitor and stress tests come JAN 8 and 15th. Meanwhile, I am eating xanax and nitro_glycerin like candy to get through days. Mind you, all in the comfort of my easy chair because exercise is too stressful now.

Understand, you're talking to the guy who has used a Total_Gym for almost 15_years and am used to daily physical exercise and activity. All being reduced to total inactivity and the inability to overcome newfound acute anxiety attacks which WERE under control for 13 years until this heart crap came into play.

For those of you who have been reading my blogs and are familiar with the progress of my recording studio construction; well, it's on hold now isn't it. Perhaps, I can record my own funeral music to maintain a sense of humor.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays 2008

The holiday season for 2008 much simpler this year. Even so, the one travel trip we did wore me out. The colder winter weather is pressuring me as suspected with a couple new renditions which I have already seem my physicians about.

Personal projects are pretty much on schedule. Now to finish up home RV projects prior to dismantling furniture and installing studio table and jacking all the gear.

I'm already reviewing my web pad and scratching up ideas as to revamping all sites in 2009 and which technologies and methods I plan to use to accomplish that. Fireworks, XaraXtreme and Flash are all in running, with the web-goal of adding more interactivity to my websites. With the studio on its way, wanting to revamp websites may be an unrealistic idea. But, this would not be the first time that I had too many irons in the fire that ALL got accomplished.

Just swapped my Nintendo DS (NDS) slot1 microSDHC over from a Class_2 to a Class_6. The speed improvement is very noticeable. So my verdict is, yes Class_6 do cost more, but they are worth having on board. Period.

On the Xbox360 front, birthday and holidays brought in Fallout_3, GearsOfWar2, Left4Dead, and Civilization:Revolution. So now, I have more games than I do lifetime.

Don't have any intention to revise [much] 2009 new years resolutions. May append a priority on project management, including our intention to gain citizenship outside of USA for the sole purpose of increasing the ability to care for our health better and to improve financial stability.

Happy Birthday Ned [if you're reading] who turns 58 tomorrow. Would be nice to visit each other, however distance and health issues for both of us pretty much guarantees that won't happen.

Kicking the idea around to quit Twitter, or to change HOW I go about Twittering. Perhaps I will change to a web-based widget applet of some kind. Am burnt out with the usual web method and gaining followers has not been an enjoyable experience as I had expected.

Electronic Arts really blew it big time with using the Xbox Vision Cam in their game Command & Conquer 3. In the multiplayer menu, you cannot choose to have the server only find you opponents WITH CAMS, so the entire idea of having a cam is moot. Also, the Xbox Vision Cam is strict USB 2.0 and this is why many users have had cam troubles using their Xbox 360 Vision Cams with their PC chat programs. Providing your USB controllers are strict v2.0, you can use the Vision Cam with any PC software that supports a camera. Period. (that's Microsoft's promise not mine)

In close, I hope all of your dreams, wishes and aspirations come true in 2009. And of course, if you can make any of them happen NOW, please stop reading my blog and GO GET THEM DONE!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nailed Again - Mandatory Accomplishments

Well jeez. If I allow it, that's sorta depressing. My LAST blog on the 12th, I was nailed and here I am today, on my birthday even, enjoying another glorious morbid migraine. But, winter is here, its generally colder all the time, so I am experiencing the "accumulative effect" of cold which hassles my skull, neck, spine and stirs up the pain department in such a fun way.

There is a good side to this coin. I haven't blogged from Dec 12 to Dec 20 because, along with a lot of pain, I've been busy constructing the new Nintendo DS website with chatbox at http://happyharry.net/slot1 OR you can visit my website and click on the Nintendo DS logo which I will be drawing a dedicated graphic for the slot1 site in the coming days.

The studio table is here and outside leaning against the RV. This is all about timing, including my health and the weather. It's been raining and snowing off and on and I need a dedicated half day to rip out the furniture in here, get the table installed and then properly tarp the furniture outside for the winter until I can move them to storage in the spring to keep so if/when I sell this rig, I can reinstall the default chairs.

I've been looking through a studio catalog at some other table designs. One looks like it might work better, but stragely enough, there are no dimensions listed with the product. Now why would any company have a gorgeous, color photographs of their products of custom furniture WITHOUT DIMENSIONS?! That's like throwing an Easter egg party and having no eggs!

Finalized my cabling inventory so I could make a list of the new cables I need to order for the initial studio setup. Just a tad over $300 dollars plus tax. I suspected as much. Also, I am going to purchase the reference monitors individually, rather than as a package deal, because solo they each come with nice stands and Auralex MoPads. Oh!? Which monitors? I decided to go with the Yamaha HS80M, and HS10W sub.

I'm just anxious to get my gear jacked so I can sit down and do music. I am music starved. Also, I miss creating parady materials for the gang at PCTech. I'm sure many of them feel left out because I initially made a handful of songs for some people, but never got to finishing the song list due to having to tear down my gear to construct the studio space. But, 2009 should prove to be fun. Both making their parody songs and experiencing their reactions. P.S. One of my 2009 New Year's resolutions will be, "to be LESS politically correct than in 2008" so look out world, here I come!

This dang headache is wearing off about as fast as defrosting meat in a freezer. Jeez, I get sick of this crap. I've had a couple NEW chats with God recently about what the heck is going on. So far He appears to remain neutral on these matters which is annoying me. When someone comes to me for help and answers, they get, "Johnny on the spot service!" What gives? I keep asking myself, "What am I missing here? What am I supposed to be learning from this experience?" I shall remain vigilant in my being still and listening so I won't miss the downlink when it happens.

Back to music, I have decided to rerecord John Fogerty's song, "Don't You Wish It Was True" and plan to gain legal rights to do so through ASCAP and BMI. It's such a happy song and I can already here my version in my head.

Additionally, whereas I am dangling on a string here musically with all of my gear, "stowed away in the RV" to make space for constructing the studio area... I enjoy listening to these snippets 3 takes; 2 spanish guitar and 1 harmonica and here is two Harry's and one 12_string trying out my new RODE_NT1_A Large Condensor Diaphragm microphone

Hope You like them!

Okay, I gotta see what I can get done, this website needs to be done tonite so I can shoot all the apps up to my FTP for the homebrew and dvd_to_dpg_guide.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Nailed Again

I don't feel well. I'm not sick as in cold or flu. My neurological system is fried. Feeling a ton of pressure on the base of my skull. No question my atlas is dislocated and causing spinal entertainment superior to cable television. Toss in loss of equilibrium and dizziness anytime i move my head and what a wonderful day.

Today I had planned to knock out another web page but I don't think that is going to happen until later or perhaps tonight in 12 hours.

I tire of this group of maladies and the cold weather surely doesn't help.

In any case, grin and bear it, eh?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Headache Production

Never thought way back when in 1993 after sustaining brain injury and spinal injuries that I would be constructing web pages with morbid headaches. Life is amazing to say the least. In any case I will pound out another page today after a hot shower.

The site is coming along nicely. I want to do all my new work using XaraXtremePro, but since I have wet feet, I bailed back into Fireworks to knock out this NDS project. If you care to take a peek it is located at http://happyharry.net/slot1

After the NintendoDS site is done I will begin removing the two chair and table from the RV to install the table and start drilling holes for the needed uprisers and cable routings. NASAV_studios is now planned for late FEB_09 because I won't be connecting my new Mac and LogicPro7 to the Yamaha_01X until then.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Evaluating Life

It would appear that amongst all my irons in the fire, that I must give effort as to what truly is priority. As usual I have lost a lot of time since the summer, and my ToDoList looks like a warzone.

I remind myself that I always endure higher levels of physical pain during the winter, but some of what I am experiencing is part age and part, "brain injury at 55."

Everybody has something. It is inescapable. And, I have my ups and downs just as any human being does.

Nevertheless, my heart yearns for music, and I hope all of you get a chance to hear some of it so it can touch you like it does me.