Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs - Farewell My Friend

A year ago I purchased an Apple iPod Touch with 32GB of memory storage. Since buying this post.PC.device, my life is no longer the same. It was only a matter of days when I began to realize "neurological improvements" in my health while using this device. Simple tasks that I need every day became a breeze to accomplish. It was less than 2 weeks and I had already began doing my serious work on the iPod rather than jumping onto my i7.Toshiba or using the MacBook in the studio. There was no need. I bought the Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard and used one of my IMAK ergoBeads beanbags as a prop for the iPod; which by the way works wonderfully when remote such as Starbucks or where ever. Within weeks I had tried, tested and purchased some apps that enable me to do EVERYTHING and more, than I was doing using my PC and Mac laptop. Of course, I use my Mac and LogicStudio with a Yamaha.01X automated digital mixer with little or no compromising with any aspect of audio recording.

My point for blogging this morning is, I do not live the same way as I used to one year ago. And this is SOLELY because of the iPod.touch and its hassle-free, ease of use. Mind you, I originally purchased my iPod.touch to use my Evernote database that I had created on the Mac and Windows machines. I didn't buy my iPod for music, movies, TV and games. Little did I know that I would soon be enjoying all of that too. But, I bought it so I had access to nearly 7,000 database entries dating back to post brain injury 1993.

Apple (FireWire) Sony (iLink) and Yamaha (mLAN) each chipped into this fast data transfer protocol with the exception being Yamaha gave their FireWire technology away free to the industry which enabled users to send and receive 32 channels of digital music data, including controller data for digital mixers, all using one 6-pin FireWire cable. [meanwhile it appears as though we are still waiting for USB 3.0] and I think Apple's Thunderbolt [again] will become a powerful data transfer interface for audio, video AND data transfer. Meaning SSD and HDD connections using Thunderbolt.

In honoring Steve Jobs, I am not recording music this week or using my Mac. This may seem silly, but for me, I simply wish to reflect on his legacy and his quote, "Stay hungry, stay foolish".

I will comfortably reside on my iPod.touch as I do daily. My website will continue to display Steve Jobs' memorial photo and my site will function with my basic content. Trust me, much more is coming soon.