Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nailed Again - But Moving Ahead

Today I awoke to another round of morbid skull pressure, spinal pain and a headache that was blinding my thinking. With assistance from my partner including a quality, pounding infrared massage and a handful of meds, she yanked me onto my feet. Since then, today has not been pleasurable in the sense of what most of you relate pleasure to meaning.

Anyhow, now 20 hours later, I'm just in a very pointed mood that some might consider grumpy but I call it focused. I don't have time to be proper and polite and to see to it that everybody has a nice day. As a matter of fact, I am growing more irritated at the volume of people that I come in contact with, whom have no physical ailments to boggle their day and yet they complain the most about the least meaningful little piles of possum-poop.

XboxLIVE finally came back up and I guess I had my wires crossed about why their servers were down in the first place. It was my understanding that Microsoft was unveiling the new dashboard UI for XboxLIVE on the 360. But, after poking around on the net, I come to find out that the dashboard upgrade may be coming in November. So, again, as usual, Microsoft is playing head games with their customers [using their marketing skills] to build drama and misinformation about their new product lineup. Somehow I don't see that as a method to gain market share and sales. But, who am I to judge that. XboxLIVE has over 12 million subscribers, which means, if XboxLIVE was a State of the Union, it be the 8th largest state and would carry 20 electoral votes! Impressive to say the least!

Let me take a moment to describe what I am enjoying when I am not feeling so crappy physically.

Playing GRID on NDS is mucho fun. Great driving game and on DS this is a real milestone because the majority, meaning all the rest, of the driving games on DS, are not to swell to put it nicely. GRID is pick up and play and the driving control is excellent. Graphics are nice and detailed and the game play and achievement system is done nicely and keeps the game moving forward.

Now for the Xbox360. Geometry Wars 2: Evolved (GW2). Now this is serious high definition, gaming frenzy at its best. GW2 is even a fun game on NDS (I had to buy both) and the NDS version has a strategy game built in which I happen to like. The 360 version is addictive, addictive, addictive. In the beginning days of play I was frustrated because there is so much going on, I never thought I would increase my scores. But, I kept at it, and finally, I've got my scores in the millions and am currently working towards my first 3 million score. Lots of fun. Lately, I have been choosing my favorite music album to listen to on the Xbox360 then start the game and play while listening to my favorite music. Mind you, this is not a new feature. It is just that I am getting up to speed with features that have roots going as far back as the first Xbox.

In other news, I have begun YouTube-ing, mostly just wacko funny baloney for the time being. But am having fun and other are enjoying my ridiculousness. Additionally, I am gaining practice with my $800 vocal processor from TC-Helicon so it's a win-win. FTW ^5

Continuing on, I just released the first Black and White edition of the Q4 - PCTech NEWS which are now published quarterly. If interested you can either click on the PCTech link to the right and on that site click on newsletters or you can visit my site, also at the right, and click on PCTech. Either way, you won't break your mouse getting there. The new format is not as exciting as the former color version, but it's fast loading, much more portable and it is functional. So I am hoping this new formula is to everyone's liking. If not we can try something else and if participation continues to remain at an all time low, then I will simply shit-can publishing it. Oops, I meant, I will simply cease that project. LOL

NASAV_Studios painting is nearly done and I am looking forward to actually ripping out the current furniture and wall mounted items to install the new stuff. It's gonna be fantastic to actually have my own project studio up and running, 24/7. Plus this project will increase cabin space by 40% because the isle way will be totally clear allowing for easy access to the booth across from me as well as the isle way will not be plugged up with my mixer and stand nor the keyboard workstation. Which up until now, these items have had to constantly be shuffled back and forth in order for me to do other life projects besides music.

Speaking of which, come October the truck goes into the shop to have a new plumbing line and union replaced. Along with that, we're upgrading the toilet to the new higher style type which will be a pleasure with much less squatting. 18 inches versus 11 inches. Big difference. Also, the new model has a better flushing mechanism. But, I must admit, our current 25-year old commode works just fine and to this day is not broken in any way.

So heading into year 3 in NASAV. How the time does fly. Oh NASAV, remember? That is what we call our RV.

North American Surrealistic Adventure Vehicle - Home sweet Home.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Getting Things Done

Finally after over a solid two weeks of headaches, I get a break and a little fresh air.

Back to finishing up the PCTech GetTogether 2008 video photo slide show. Perhaps by the weekend I shall post to the net.

Meanwhile, am finishing up the Nintendo DS add-on site. I am drafting a DVG TO DPG tutorial which is the best in its class available on the net.

Music is on hold. I am swapping out all of my cables with new replacements including the tri-sets for the HS80M satellites and sub woofer.

In preparation for fall and winter, shall be driving the RV into town to have an entire PVC water line replaced and a new 18 inch height toilet installed. Additionally, I've collated the materials in order to paint the forward cab ceiling flat black to enhance the home theater and game playing area for “lights out” enjoyment.

I am also constructing my design of the logo type for NASAV_Studios. For those who care, this is accomplished using Adobe Illustrator 9. The A.I. File will be emailed to the lettering company who will manufacturer the logo letters using a nice flat_white vinyl material. I will take a sheet of foam core and spray it flat_black, then the vinyl lettering will be applied to the foam core. The foam core will be velcro'd to the black velvet divider between the RV driving cab and studio area. So, needless to say, I am excited to begin shooting live video while recording, with the NASAV_Studios logo proudly displayed in the background, white on black. This will look really nice ;;smile;;

In the gaming arena, I am still playing Civilization Revolution on the Nintendo DS (NDS) and Rainbow Six Vegas on Xbox360.

Until next time, have fun and take care.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nailed Again - Glad To Be Home

After some 400+ miles, we're finally home. As much as I enjoy traveling, my body don't. Although the car is comfortable, the change in seats and beds really messes with my spine. It's like changing from shoes you're used to into new shoes that are not yet broken in.

The resort is completely empty as we head in the direction of fall. We are the only ones here now that Labor Day is gone. Very nice. The city seems literally out of control, especially in the noise-pollution department.

I'm nursing another slam-basted headache today so I don't feel much like accomplishing anything. Perhaps later, which will end up being tonight sometime whereas it is 1:30 pm already.

Played a little Rainbow_Six_Vegas last night. The weapons detail and customization is very neat and adds an element of strategy to the game. As with Gears_of_War, for games that are over a year old already, they both look extremely good at 1080p. Also, when using sniper rifles, the 6x and 12x scope "kill animations" are seemingly realistic making the game very satisfying as you rid of tangos throughout the maps.

Well, I'm gonna mosey down to the lake and then plop down and check out for the day. Nothing getting done today.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Little Baby Isaac - LBI

Our first grandson was born September 3rd. His name is Isaac Mitchell Michael and he weighs 7 lbs, 9 oz., and is 21 inches with giant hands and feet! Momma and babyIsaac are healthy and all is well. We got lots of photos and video and after my other projects I shall constuct a babyIsaac video for the family.

We're several hundred miles from home and are anxious to get back home. I have medical business and physical in the morning, then we hit the road and get the hocky puck out of metro hysteria. Can't stand the city! Everybody here has rectal ventriloquism!

Picked up a couple Xbox360 games. Rainbow_6_Vegas and Gears_of_War. I've wanted to play these but didn't want to cough $60 each so I waited for the price drops.

I am geared up for this annual medical tomorrow, but will be glad when it's all over. It's inconvenient and a total pain in the ass.

I'll blog again when I am back home and relaxed.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Nailed Again - Labor Day

Aha! Now I know why it's called labor day, because I am laboring through another headache!

In any case, I made it onto my feet after dragging myself to a hot shower 3 hours ago. Meds not doing their job today.

If I don't get any productivity projects done today, I may end up just clicking the time away playing Civilization_IV: Beyond_the_Sword and since I am wiping this PC next week, I will be glad to begin playing Civilization Revolution on Xbox360 which is a faster, more relaxed game.

Anyhow, I'm outta here. I'm so sick of these blasted headaches I could spit.