Monday, April 19, 2010

A Lot Going On

Wow. Months pass like weeks now! In any case, I am keeping myself busy with several projects, along side recording music.

Slowly patching up and recording new help videos. Now with Windows7 being so popular, it only seemed befitting to redo and make some new video help for this new operating system.

Spring is here and summer is not far away. Again, another year and it’s time for RV maintenance. We had a fairly uneventful winter and NASAV is in pretty good shape. Boy! A ton of leaves this year!

People keep asking me about the toolbar. Well, I do have plans to add new content to the toolbar. I have been watching its usage and analyzing the statistics to decide what content users would like the most. I also found a really good video service that works well all around the globe. However, it is not free. Still, I try to include quality content, not just the usual junk that can be found everywhere on the Internet. I hope you appreciate that.

I’ve been enjoying the Iron browser. Iron is slimmed down and runs well on legacy hardware with Windows7, but there are a few features it comes up short on. So, I still find myself wanting to use Flock for larger browsing affairs. But, Iron will stay on my hard drive.

Am shopping for a banjo, electric guitar and amplifier. I want to play publicly this summer. Also, I hope I win my Ebay bid on the 8-ch I/O card for my AW4416 recording console. Parts are getting harder to find as time creeps along. I really want to have 16-ch of balanced 1/4-inch inputs.

Meanwhile, my 01X digital mixer is right at home with both LogicPro9 and Tracktion3 on MacOS.

Will update again once I get some of these irons off of the back burner. I LQQK forward to a hot summer!