Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Added 8 Input Channels

Up until now, my AW4416 only had 8-1/4-inch TRS balanced inputs. The 4416 is a 24-channel input mixer, feeding a 16-track hard disk recorder, followed by a 16-channel monitoring mixer, all feeding a stereo bus. So only having 8 TRS inputs is a disadvantage, especially during a live recording session such as mic-ing a set of drums and still having enough inputs for the rest of the band. The Yamaha MY8AD24 pictured above, is an 8-channel, 24-bit analog input card, giving the 4416 a total of 16-1/4-inch TRS balanced inputs. This card still sells for $360 dollars, but I got lucky on Ebay and got one in mint condition for $150. And, the photo below shows how the card fits into one of the 2 available I/O bays.

The slot to the left of the one shown is where the 20GB SCSI HDD is located and they can be swapped out. The slot to the right is where I installed the Waves Y56K DSP and 8-channel ADAT card.

Shown below is the deck-view of the AW4416. This is a very capable mixing and recording console that does not wither amongst modern recording technologies. Although the 4416 is now 9 years old, it is still top-class recording equipment any gear-head would want. The 01X takes things a step further, in that you can connect the digital mixer to any PC or Mac for unlimited-tracks of recording via one firewire cable.

Long live the AW4416 and 01X.


Sunday, May 09, 2010

Glad Summer Ain't Here Yet

IDK is a great way to begin my blog today. I've lost a lot of time over the past couple months. Between the usual screaming headaches and spinal pain from broken tailbone, I've not been a real happy camper. I will be attending my first pain management session at the VAMC_SF next week, so we shall see.

Needless to say most of my other projects have taken a back seat. I have been relaxing more and taking care of Kathy since her laproscopic surgery which went well and she is home recooperating well. I am barely getting 5 days of recording music into a month. So, I am disappointed.

Web sites. Hmm. Now with iPhones, Droids and iPads, I am totally redesigning the life of a website on paper. HTML5 and a handful of other web technologies are a must have to get under my belt. As it is right now, my sites will load on smartphones and iPad, however navigating them is another thing. My plans to bring new content to my sites demands that I redesign my websites to accommodate these new devices that everybody are using. This is old news already!! Sort of reminds me of the days when people's websites suddenly were not compatible with PDA's and Palm OS. But, their lifespan was so short, a lot of web designers didn't blink.

This won't be the case for iPhone, iPad, Droids and the bevy of touch-pad devices to come from Google, HTC, Samsung and many other companies.

Been walking and bicycling more with the nicer, spring-like, maybe-summer-is-coming-like weather. My bones are aching and the heat and humidity of Florida is the only solution that I know which has a positive impact.

Still, I plan to dive back into recording music. Some additional items that I ordered are all on back order. So, I'm waiting for them. This has been a continual hurry up and wait kind of project. I'm still very jazzed about Yamaha_01X and the AW4416 console. They both carry their weight and get the job done. In the computer DAW world Tracktion3 and LogicPro9 are the bomb on Mac OSX Leopard. I bought SnowLeopard also, but my mLAN firewire is only 10.5.8 compatible. Not a bad price to pay for the 01X's footprint of power.