Friday, October 24, 2008

Yucko Day

Had fun playing Fable_II last nite. Woke up to severe leg cramps. Feel like shit, have a headache, am in a bad mood. I'm gonna lay down until the very last minute before I must get up, shave smoothe, dye my beard, shower and go meet old mentor friend tonite.

Having issues with people in my life who don't know what RESPECT is. Feel like moving to Moldova, Russia. Then I won't ever hear from them.


Fable II Rocks - Xbox 360

Fable II rocks! This is a true pick_up and_play game! Click the title of this blog above to be whisked to Lionhead's website where you can learn about this wonderful game.

Just one of the things I love about this game is your pet dog. You interact with your dog and your dog helps you find treasure and alerts you to things in the game, besides the myriad of tricks your log learns as you collect books along your adventure trail.

I also like that you can play coop 2 player. Now I was a little dissapointed what this actually turned out to be in real life playing the game, but it sure beats not being able to play together at all. Overall, the coop add-in is a plus and gets high scores from me because Fable_I was great fun but you wanted to play with a 2nd person and couldn't.

With no doubt in my mind, Fable II will please most anyone who chooses to grab a controller and try this game. 5 hours later, you will be raving about playing the game. Fable II is not the best RPG game available for the Xbox 360, so I don't suggest diving into Fable II with that thought in mind. But, if you want to experience a wonderful adventure, gorgeous graphics, luscious music all while it being easy to control and to learn, then Fable II is for you.

Let me know if you get Fable II because we can adventure together online using XboxLIVE. Remember, a GOLD account on XboxLIVE only costs $4.17 per month when you purchase a one year subscription at $49.99 so sign up now!

Also, purchase a Messenger Kit which costs $29.99 and snaps onto your wireless controller so you can easily chat with all of your MSN friends while playing on your Xbox_360.


Monday, October 20, 2008

October Fiddling

It's a cool, clear, calm, quiet Monday. The ducks "flew to me" from the lake today, to offer their morning greetings. Very socialable creatures.

Today I noticed on the RV that a structural patch job from 2 years ago had become, "undone" during our escursion into town for RV repair. So today, I shall wait until later when it warms up a bit and get the ladder out and repatch it. It's nice that the weather grants me "no rush" to get this done. Had it been raining, I would have been on that ladder hours ago.

This last disembark, I yanked the Xbox's knowing that upon return I was going to rewire everything over on the home-theater side of the RV. Although the previous wire job was neat and orderly, this round we'll route everything into collating tubes and band them together along the wall beneath the booth table. Additionally, I will u-clamp the 100AC cord for the LCD. Apparantly no kind of tape will keep the bundled cord up. In any case, I am looking forward to some 360 tonight.

Late afternoon, early evening I plan to set up the MOTIF_XS and play some music. I've been out of music a couple weeks or so now and I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms big time.

That's all for now.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Up Days Down Days

Gosh time flies by. Been very busy these past weeks including disembarking from our resort location here to take the RV into the city for repair.

All done and now back home, I spent two days [literally] resting after working activities. I enjoy the outdoors and working on the RV but my spine just doesn't like it. I can surely plan for a couple days of crippled activity post physical whatever.

In any case, things are better and I am preparing the RV for the table installation for NASAV_Studios. And, I can't wait to get my new Mac come 2009. These PCs are driving me crazy with their typical crappy behavior. I probably will get a MacBook or MacBookPro, but truly a MacBook with 4GB RAM will be enough power and plenty of compatibility with my Yamaha hardware using LogicStudio_8.

I just upgraded the firmware in my NDS (NintendoDS) to the new v4.0 Sakura iTouch and it really rocks! The new file manager makes it fast and breezy to shuffle through 80 games whereas before that was a 19-tap-page-down operation. Also am enjoying some of the new games such as Jewel Quest Expedition. It's great to see some of the PC games making their way over to NDS.

Am working on a new NDS website to assist new users and provide a chatbox for hobbyists to hang out and talk NDS. One of my NDS buddies from another site has offered his chatbox for my website and I like the idea. He's been around for quite sometime, so his chatbox brings instant people to the new site. I had already prepared and setup my chatbox for the site, but this is an offer that I cannot turn down for any reason. The new URL for the site will be and there will be a graphic button on my main site linking to it. Hope to see you there. I am looking to NOV for grand opening.

Been looking through catalogs and checking reviews and have decided upon a Ibanez_12string acoustic electric guitar. Looking forward to ordering soon and using with the new studio setup.

Interior RV customization is still in progress with more painting to come including flat white in the kitchen area and blacking out a small area in bedroom to rid of the obnoxious brown flowers on the wall.

That's it for now. More to come later.