Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nice Summer 2008

Well summer is treating me nicely with comfortably warm temperatures that don't run you out of house and home.

Meanwhile, I am keeping busy with an array of projects, including upgrading some of my web pages to the new format, still constructing the PCTech video slide show which got side-stepped last week. I am expecting to be done with the video and move on to recording a new song for a friend beginning second week of September. Everything takes time and while I am pretty good at the things I do, I've been stuffing much more “fool_around_time” into my days, so projects slip away.

Why not? Life is short and I'm not on anyone's payroll!

Still enjoying TBS_4X, Civilization IV both on PC and NDS. Am looking forward next week to picking up a copy of Civilization: Revolution for Xbox360.

That's about it for now.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Astronomical Nonsense

Life has treated me to a cavalcade of thought provoking experiences during my recent virtual life in chat rooms on Paltalk Messenger.

It would appear that a there some people associated with this on-line society who are not exercising much brain power. Moreover, these same people take no accountability for their actions and do not believe in consequence.

Then I receive responses from many users, which I call these replies, “mass hysterical mishmash” or (MHM) which is nothing more than their uninformed response to the events happening around them. The end result is a feeling that things are not fun, so people become less interested in whatever the particular on-line society's purpose was in the first place.

Also, keep in mind, the troublemakers believe their juvenile behaviors and vandalism is a method to show you, Joe Public, how talented they are. When in fact, they are under achievers, and their offensive behavior is clearly a symptom of their problems. Much like that of an alcoholic who steals alcohol only to drown their problems in booze so they don't have to own up to anything. This is delusional behavior and this leads a person to believe to a false sense of security in that, they are thwarting a threats which will bully, rattle or cause harm to others. Again, only to gain emotional attention to feed their psychopathic bad habits. Amazingly, then they cry and snivel when they must suffer the consequence for the offenses they commit.

Over the past week I have received many different forms of communication. Some have responded with queries as to why? While others are wanting to know what on Earth is going on? Managing the hysteria of this scenario can be as challenging as navigating a raft down the Wenatchee River Valley rapids in the state of Washington. By the way, a very nice trip if you have yet to visit there.

Then there are individuals who are claiming that I accused them of being hackers. Well, they can't READ. And, IF they CAN read, they certainly do not have the ability to decipher the meaning of clearly written English text. My text clearly stated that they got caught red-handed CONSPIRING TO hack my personal Internet properties. Secondly, there was ADMISSION and CONFESSION on a verified audio recording that one person had compromised my security in the past. Meaning, they are guilty of already doing so. Third, they FAILED TO REPORT any conspiracy TO me. This is where the infamous, “guilt-by-association” kicks in. So my being accused of naming anybody a hacker is false. My being accused of filing a lawsuit is false. It doesn't appear that the troublemakers can't even keep their stories strait. By the way, it is reported that law enforcement officials experience this same phenomenon when interviewing suspects.

Appropriately, I now give thanks and honorable mention to the following people who did the right thing. Their stock with me, just went up 2 points.

LectroSpazz, WordPerfectly34, Sunny Sky50m, SubZerQQ, and ZippidyDooDaw


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nailed Again

Last night, after a glorious romp with Rise_of_Nations (RTS_4X), I awaken today to misery once again.

After assisted massage and removal from bed to make it to a 120 degree hot shower, I am finally on my feet hours later.

Perhaps I shall continue my RTS/TBS/4X romp later. But, I had a fun romp with strategy games this past week. And, I am looking forward to picking up a copy of Civilization_Revolution for Xbox360.


TBS_4X and RTS_4X

Hello. It's great to be back. Early to mid-Tuesday was queasy but I only made plans to play strategy games for the week so I mustered through.

Late Monday night I began a romp with Civilization_IV: Beyond_the_Sword, an excellent TBS_4X (Turn Base Strategy) game. The 4X means, "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate". During this gaming session, it was not my goal to be a warmonger, but rather win by technological advancement. I was doing very well up until mid-morning today when China invaded me and handed my butt to me on a silver platter. But, I got extremely close to winning at year 2025. The game ends and the rules play out at 2050. And although CivIV is a gorgeous game, in actuality, Civilization_II is the superior Civilization product. This is perfectly understandable, whereas CivII is Brian_Reynolds, who is the same developer behind Sid_Meier's Alpha_Centauri (SMAC) which happens to be the finest TBS_4X ever produced.

Civilization_IV: Beyond_the_Sword is a wonderful expansion pack for CivIV and besides the hundreds of variables it alone adds to the game, I found myself really delving into CivIV much deeper than I ever have before. There is no question that using the macros for my building cues, city management and research tree really did help me focus on other game issues rather than the meat and potatoes of playing.

Tonite I shall begin a fresh romp with Rise_of_Nations (RoN). This is a RTS_4X (Real Time Strategy) game with a twist that includes hundreds of TBS_4X features. My version of RoN includes the Thrones & Patriots expansion. There's so much to like, including the 6 types of governments that you can change during the game in real time. Reminds me of my Yamaha_MOTIF_XS... everything is done in real time!

Unlike Civilization's static TBS_4X system, Rise_of_Nations plays in real time just like other RTS games, so the battles are much more enjoyable. I love during the gun powder age, it's like the civil war; totally cool!

All around, RoN is one of my all time favorite RTS games because it is very balanced and has hundreds of game options that can be made PRIOR to starting a game and changed DURING a game. CivIV has features like this too, but not as robust as RoN. Rise_of_Nations is Brian_Reynolds' best work to date; this side of Alpha_Centauri.

And, yes I still play the 1999 PC game SMAC, at least twice a year. Sid_Meier's_Alpha_Centauri is an excellent game with an excellent user interface. It was my hope that other PC games would have adopted SMAC or RoN user interface. But, it appears that you'll only find these qualities in Brian_Reynolds products; Alpha_Centauri, Civilization_II, Rise_of_Nations and Rise_of_Legends.

After dinner, it's time for RoN and then you won't find me on the grid until Friday.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Nailed Again

Need I say more?

I hear there's a lot of chaos over in Paltalk_Land and PCTech. I hope things simmer down by the time I'm back on my feet.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anybody Listening?

For those of you who actually take the time to read my blogs, you actually know much more about who I am than the rest of the crowd. I speak my mind and like living my life candidly with the public, to some extent.

I too have my private life, although it is far less than what I share with the world.

We are living in very turbulent times. People are working two and three jobs just to make ends meet. Parents can't afford daycare, babysitters, let alone nannies to care for their kids while they work their double shifts to pay their mortgage. The daily pressures are building up like lava in a volcano, and at some point in time, its gotta burst.

I see the changes in society, even though I live hundreds of miles from metro-hysteria. Even the television shows and commercials reflect the current trends and propaganda.

The upcoming election is enough to make everyone sick to their stomach. There appears to be no real hope for most people. Or at least a "feeling" of hope. It's kinda like having to choose between Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. The world is divided. Approximately half the users hate Vista and the other half want to stick with XP. This is about the same division in the USA over removing, "In God We Trust" from our currency. That's pretty sad. HALF OUR COUNTRY THINKS IT NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. Talk about mutiny!

Whoever is reading this rant, and whoever knows me, will agree this might be my most negative sounding blog. With all of my personal irons in the fire for new upcoming projects for Q4 2008 and 2009. But, rather than defend that line of thinking, let me make it clear that I am not negative but rather to the point. Anyone can do their own research. Anyone can study the archives. Anyone has access to public documents thanks to the Freedom Of Information Act that yet has been banned. So, I don't consider myself special with regards to knowing the things that I have educated myself about. Anyone can do it. And the more you educate yourself about our country's history and corruption, the more you find yourself wanting to pick up the rifle and march to Washington to take your government back. Welcome to tyranny. Anybody flying your USA flags upside down? Well you should be. Our country is in trouble and needs help. We are in distress. This is no laughing matter. And the fears and stress of these truths are even apparent by the behaviors of adults in chat rooms. Peoples attitudes are jacked up. People are easily offended. Racism is at an all time high in history. And although everybody tries to pretend they are acting Politically Correct, they actually want to ring each other's necks! It's sad.

For those of you who find comfort in your higher power, more power to you. Prayer, meditation and other forms of connecting with our inner self and that spiritual highway is very important to living a happy life in today's times. These are the end times. Won't be long and they'll yank the currency and they will "chip" you. I have every intention to deny accepting any "chip" implant.

This album recording is a slow going process. Writing songs and recording music and mixing is a very time consuming project. And, doing this in between health has grown into something that is obviously going to take much more time than I ever imagined. But, I will do everything I can to finish the album so all of you can hear my musical creativity. Maybe I'll get lucky and get 2 albums done before I'm gone. But, I sure hope I can get ONE finished before my time expires. It will mean the world to me for you to experience what God continues to give to me... music.

In closing, I suppose what I wanted to say is I have made plans to make drastic changes in my lifestyle. I've already moved out of the city, into a motor home and live at least 100 miles or more away from metro-hysteria. The next venture is to get further out and get off the grid for awhile. If I didn't enjoy the Internet so much and use it for all of my electronic financial matters, it would much easier to get off the grid. There are plenty of BLMs in the USA and living 4 to 6 weeks at a time hundreds of miles in the boonies is easy when you know how to bring your own power, water and communications. Eventually, I think I will leave the United States. Although the USA is extremely diversified (geographically speaking) the rest I can do without. And, the longer I live in RV the less I really want to travel. This opens the door to the idea of moving out of the USA permanently. The people and things in my life that matter, know how to reach me. And the rest of the world isn't my business. According to the doctors report in fall of 2000 I now have approximately 9 years of life. Of course I could out live that and make 100, but this brain injury/tumor stuff usually don't fly that way. So with that in mind, I need to re-steer my focus as to what matters the most TO ME. Up until now I've made most other people more important. I know, I know... I also make ME important. LOL. But, the fact remains I could certainly take a lesson on letting everyone else manage their own entertainment systems. I may play a song from time to time, but it's not my job to see that the entire world is happy. That is a ludicrous illusion of grandeur.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Back on my feet. Yesterday was busy with tank dumps, hosing October_2007 dirt off RV, Mediacom came, installed dedicated 8 Megabit drop. Service sucks, lucky if I see 2 Megabit and I see ALOT of 500 to 1500 kilobits per second. HillbillyNET is what I call them.

Got a couple new songs in the works. Some parody's for PCTech admins and one serious song that I am writing for a friend. I won't share more details about the songs, for then they won't be any surprise when I release the songs in September. There will be an obvious graphic on my websites announcing the new music. Stay tuned.

As I spend more time with the Yamaha MOTIF_XS workstation, the process of songwriting and song construction is becoming more natural. In my humble opinion (IMHO) they still don't have the work flow process nailed, but it's certainly much better than previous years, and of course I am whining, for there are zillions of users out there who would starve themselves to get a MOTIF_XS. All I am saying is, the idea of "the workstation" is evolving and eventually WILL be "the one place" where you construct and record your entire musical arrangement, mix, master and burn to CD without jacking into a PC or MAC. I also have Yamaha's 01x 28_channel digital mixer which can be used with computer DAWs or as standalone mixer. This is a major advantage over most current mixers and DAW controllers which do nothing when not connected to a computer. Still, I look forward to 2009 and jacking my gear into Apple OS_X and Logic_7Pro or LogicStudio8 with 01x as the control center. Korg's OASYS has already been doing the record/mix/master/CD-thing for years. But with its $8,500 dollar price tag, a learning curve that is nearly strait up and sounds that are NOT as good as Tyros/Tyros_2/Tyros_3, I think only studio producers and the like will be Korg's customers.

Still got my eye on Tyros_3. From what information that is available thus far, I am disappointed they have not at least switched from 61_keys to 76_keys. Whereas Tyros is Yamaha's flagship "best sounds" arranger-workstation synth, I am surprised they have yet to market a 88-key model. It's a pricey unit commanding $3000-$5000 dollars depending on the model and used/new. Reading the forums, I see Tyros_2 owners already selling their units in order to buy Tyros_3 - a bit premature for my taste. Although the 61_key won't change my purchase decision, it's time the Tyros grew up. I think an 88_key, balanced_hammer version would stand Korg OASYS on its ear simply because Tyros has the mind-blowing impressive sounds, and no_brainer to use. OASYS [in its own right] is advanced beyond Tyros with its programmable flexibility, but its "out of the box" difficulty level will consume at least a year of time for most users to "get up to speed" with the product. On the other hand, Tyros has always had the ability to enable users to "do what they want strait out of the box." Why don't I have a Tyros already? Well, I had a $5,000 dollar budget and had I bought the Tyros I would not have been able to purchase the 01x, mics and other gear in one shot. The MOTIF_XS was the next logical choice whereas much of its power lies in the fact that it is filled with Tyros MEGA_VOICE technology and thousands of arpeggios.

Meanwhile, MOTIF_XS is certainly no slouch, but you must learn "its ways" of doing business. Some of the logic doesn't make sense to me at times but I am adapting to it. The largest challenge [for me] is learning to construct songs using pattern mode which is the MOTIFs most powerful song construction mode. Pattern mode consists of 16_parts, each part having up to 16_tracks, with each pattern having 5_scenes. That's 16_x_16_x_5 or 1,280 tracks of sound! But, whereas I am an old-school linear songwriter/recorder, this is a new way of song construction. MOTIF also has 16_track LINEAR song recording, but the full arrangement power still lies in the pattern mode. Pattern mode still allows for live performance recording into patterns and extensive use of 6,000 arpeggios so there's a lot to like.

This afternoon I shall update the firmware of my XS. One of the updates I am looking forward to is the LAN user login/password is now stored. So accessing the network is not a laborious task of typing logins and passwords. Somebody was obviously asleep at the wheel during initial testing, but Yamaha has fixed it and that's all that matters.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Nailed Again

Ain't happening. Woke middle of nite screamin headache, spinal crap, neurological system tweaked to Saturn and back, feel horrid.

Wrote a new song yesterday, will record in coming days when possible.

Hopefully later today or tonite I can participate in my life.

Until next time...


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Memorials & Memories

In 1 hour 15 minutes from now [4:01 PM PDT) 15 years ago in 1993, I was struck head-on by a car while driving my motorcycle.

Over the past few years I hadn't given this date much thought. Afterall, it's just another day, right?

Well, now I don't subscribe to that line of thinking. Because I did in fact sustain a brain injury, I had to relearn how to do things, which also opened the door to bigger and better ideas. Including learning how to design better ways to think and find data in your brain. This also includes better methods of living and making better choices. In my experience, it's rather "the lack of" making choices which leads to poor experiences simply because you're making less choices in the same amount of [life] time. In the end, the only way to learn how to make good choices, is to make bad choices, learn from them and next time round, make better choices.

Although my life on August 6, 1993 was really good, my life now is much better. And, had it not been for the fact that I got hit by a car, my choices would probably never got me to where I am today.

So the next time you hear, "It's a shame bad things happen to good people" tell them that is a bunch of rubbish. Getting hit by a car wasn't a bad thing for me. In fact, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Internet Woes

Trying to get something done without Internet is not only frustrating but unattainable. The Internet has now become an electronic service necessary to accomplish daily tasks such as online banking, business transactions, retail purchases and social communication with family and friends.

Today I was [again] greeted with no Internet. We are scheduled to get a dedicated drop from the pole on the 12th and tomorrow I have requested they make a service call and replace this modem which I feel is dropping carrier.

Meanwhile, the frustration grows because every thing I do on the computer requires the Interent. Currently, I am constructing the newsletter which requires my FTPs. Additionally, I have began the production of a DVD from my step-daughter's baby shower, which requires my FTPs and the Internet. I had scheduled two minor changes to a website and have one PCTech back-channel update which requires Internet. So, it goes without saying, we live in a world where not having electricity, Interent and cellphone tower service is not a invenience but rather a non-acceptable practice.

I shall do as much as I can offline during these downtimes, but surprisingly, not much can be done. It doesn't take me long to do anything and more often than not, I require a hot Internet connection more than 80% of a common day.