Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Koolman_2008 - Temporary Space

Previously I announced setting up a project studio in my motorhome. That project is [still] in the works. I've got a niggle to iron out with regards to the mixer stand that will uprise through a table, and in order to accomplish that, I must seek the aid of a welder many miles from here to make me a custom part. As you can see in the photo below, I have haphazzardly set things up around my chair. Space is a bit tight, but actually when seated, everything is within easy reach and I am in production mode.

Here is a short audio clip that I made for Koolman_2008.


Nailed Again

Well jeeze, what else is new. Please... somebody tell me something I don't already know. Today's waking was one of the most morbid of times that I can recall. But, of course I probably say this every time I describe the pains I suffer with.

In any case, now 22 hours post awakening, things are down to a dull roar and I lost an entire day and night. So all projects just lost one day. Additionally, I was reminded about my step-daughter's baby shower and going out of town on Thursday. So, as much as I was wanting to publish the PCTech newsletter for the very first time on the 1st of the month, is not going to happen. Well, I guess that's why they say, "dissapointment is merely a word."

On another note, I have more admin songs in the works on the MOTIF workstation and am excited to get the admin-jingles production going. I know the admins will enjoy them as well as the roomies.

Still, with music ongoing and on the back burner, I have Help Videos to do. I knew Spybot 1.6 would be coming and it's been out awhile and it's time for me to get, "up to speed" and replace my old Spybot 1.4 videos. AVG 8.0 now has a PDF help file on the PCTech website, so there's no reason to delay making a CCleaner video.

August should prove to be productive.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Using AVG 8.0

For those of you who are interested in AVG's version 8 of their antivirus, I have thrown together some simple instructions which should make installing, configuring and using AVG 8.0 easier.

To view my PDF help file, click the title above, "Using AVG 8.0" or you can click your mouse in your browser's address bar and type: and press [Enter]

On a different topic, I had planned to publish PCTech's August newsletter on the 1st of the month. However, family matters arose forcing me to leave town for 3 days, thus delaying the newsletter to publish on or before Wednesday, August 6th. It is my intention to post future newsletters on the 1st of each month. Thanks for your understanding.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nailed Again

Not happening today. Past few days was rolling up to this, but yesterday was [at least] productive.

Was good to hear from Spazzy on the phone and I was sorry to hear pipelinerdave's mom passed. I know how that is. A day don't go by that I don't miss my mom.

Cubase_4 install had a glitch and didn't include Halion sampler. Reinstalled to correct the matter.

Today being the 15th I see current music projects sliding out to August already. But, they are getting done. That's the beauty of "total recall" so you can jump right back in where you left off.

My thanks to the reply regarding brain injuries.


Monday, July 07, 2008

A New Month

Gosh, July 6 already! The tail end of June for me was riddled with headaches and I guess rolled into July because here I am just getting going again.

PCTech newsletter is in the works but off to a slow start this month. Thanks to the editor, at least I don't have to chase down too many people for monthly content. But it's my hope that soon we will have a pool of content to draw from to construct newsletters and publish them on time, e.g., the 1st of the month.

In other news, I am working with some Yamaha plugins using Cubase AI4. Things are working properly, but I am considering starting this current recording project in the MOTIF workstation to keep everything under one hood. I can always shoot the mix from the MOTIF over to the PC later. I just want to get started but am considering all musical possibilies up front before stepping on the gas.

Weather is warmer and the air conditioning in the RV is welcomed. Generally, this year seems much cooler than last summer. A combination of elements including different location, having better power and we're not parked in the desert.

Bought one of those Shark vacuums. Works wonderful for super fast indoor clean up. Why I hadn't thought of this before is beyond me. Not a whole lotta floor space in this 27 foot rig, but using the Shark sure beats setting up the 11 amp vacuum.

I ran out of steam early tonight. Will get some rest and start early. I am hoping to publish newsletter on Tuesday providing no niggle.