Monday, September 06, 2010

Nice Summer

Well, besides the fact that I have lost nearly 35 pounds of weight, and continuing to lose, summer 2010 has been pretty nice.

Recording music slowed down a bit. A combination of headaches, getting stumped on song arrangements and collaborating on a country song that I will be including on my up and coming album in 2011.

Conduit, the code-developers for my HappyHarryNET Toolbar, wrote an article about me and posted to their blog.

The Pursuit Of HappyHarryNET

Most of the information was taken from my biography and history of HappyHarryNET that is on my website. Originally, Conduit had planned to do a video interview of me and for some reason, they dropped the ball.

I am still enjoying MissToshiba. She was a good purchase. The MacBook is a workhorse for daily computing, along with everything that I throw at it in LogicPro9 and Tracktion3. And, it goes without saying that Yamaha_01X is such a wonderful digital mixer and really makes life a breeze having hardware DSP and complete mixer automation at the hardware level.

Have made time for PC games again, now that the Qosmio i7 is on the scene. I am rearranging the table space for a replacement refrigerator and a 27-inch Apple iMac i7 that is coming. The Xbox360 is collecting a little dust, as is my original Xbox. There simply is not enough time to play them all and get good bedrest. Something that I never [in the past] gave any priority.