Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting Up To Speed

Gee whiz, it is 2013 already!

Some of you know that I have not blogged in quite some time. Lots has happened since the last time I shared about my life here.

I have committed to blogging once a week now and hope this becomes interesting to a few of my fans. Since I began the 01X iPad Recording group on Facebook, more people with my same interests have joined me making life much more appealing.

Right now I am dealing with ulnar neuropathy in both arms and hands. That's a fancy medical term meaning I have numbness and fine motor control issues. JAN 14th I had surgery on my left arm and it is recuperating well, although numbness is still present. It will be close to 6 months post surgery before any determination can be made whether or not the surgery was truly a success. And, as of now I am electing NOT to get the surgery done for my right arm. My right hand is 90% percent better than the left and unless I notice things getting much worse in my right hand, I am not going to complicate things with surgery.

Recording >sigh< what can I say. We moved two times since our leaving behind the NASAV motorhome in 2011. My studio space had been basically eliminated. I had set up in a temporary fashion in other locations, but never was able to create what I consider to be a productive space with workflow.

Now nearly 2 years later I feel exhausted from the lack of production. I lost a lot of momentum and kinetic energy since the RV studio setup. A few months ago I was determined to figure out a way to setup here and get back to recording. The idea of having a couple portable stands with my gear on them appealed to my thinking. Setting up usually requires nothing less than a 6-foot table and this time around I really didn't want to set up that way. Thus came the idea of StudioStands™ which I drew onto paper, then redrew on my iPad using iDraw and I submitted the design to Nedtronics for consideration. A month later the parts were already getting milled and machined and by Christmas 2012 they were ready for pickup. I had a couple extra ideas for the stands which delayed my taking them until JAN 2013. So now I am excited to finally use them in my new studio.

So, as the titile of this blog implies, I AM getting up to speed again and I will blog about it here weekly as things progress.