Monday, July 27, 2015

Dan Goodman's Memorial

Arriving timely I was greeted by Dan's wife's brother. We spoke for 3-5 minutes and I entered the funeral home and signed the guest book: "HappyHarryNET HHNET (signed) Harry James, Kelseyville, CA". Inside was very nice. His urn was a nice ocean blue. On the left was Dan's photo from 1976 writing next to his piano. To the right was a large wreath of soft white and pink carnations blended with roses matching the soft, light scheme. There was a center LED panel with Dan waving from his sail boat. On the far right was a Spray entitled, "A Fond Farewell" which Wiz and John made happen for all of us in the 4416 community to be in attendance. Then there were these two sailing ships. They looked like they were carved glass. And the sail on one of them was a transparent sapphire blue. And the other sailing boat sail was a soft aqua marine transparent teal. They were the most beautiful things I have seen in many years. Dan's family members accepted me and made me feel a member of their family. It was a wonderful experience and they are wonderful people to surround yourself with. The reception afterward at Dan's home was calm and pleasant with good vibrations abound. Their home is decorated in a very specific and appropriate way with classic and modern flare. From philosophical statements on a wall to pinball machines to Pachinko. A piano sits nearby his massive home theater and 160 degree sofa. And, then there is where Dan works. For privacy reasons all I will say is that I was allowed into his studio and spent 3-5 minutes, "taking it all in".

Dan's family graciously accepted me and took me in. Their eulogy shares brought me closer to Dan; even in some cases it answered questions I had wondered, because Dan was always a dear person to me. In the last year talking with him on the telephone, I grew very close to Dan. Dan offering to master my 2014 Christmas song as a gift was very meaningful and he included me as his peers when he told me my mix didn't need much really. Good, solid mix Harry; you can master yourself and your aspirations to produce other artists will become a reality for you. This is how Dan and I talked to each other. He mentors me graciously, always accurate (I just love that) and yet loose, creative, fun and musical; much as myself. Dan leaves us with bright hope in everything we choose to do.

Harry James